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Mary Campbell

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Mary Campbell
Portrayed by Julia Campbell
First appearance Trust and Blood
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Newark, NJ
Residence Single family home in Newark
Significant other Unnamed ex-husband
Child Luke Campbell

Mary Campbell is the mother of Luke Campbell.

Character History

Trust and Blood

Mary brings her son Luke home after a night in juvenile hall. As they pass Samson Gray's home and see police cars outside, Mary says that she never liked that old man, and expresses her fears for Luke's future if he keeps getting into fights. Back at their home, they find the TV on and a figure sitting in front of it. Mary whispers to Luke to call the police and grabs a poker for self-defense, but then realizes the man is pinned to a chair with screwdrivers. Sylar comes out of the kitchen and she raises the poker but he knocks it out of her hands and then forces her into a chair. Sylar explains that he's going to torture her and Luke until the agent reveals the information he wants. He grabs Mary telekinetically by the neck and starts to choke her, saying that Mary's husband has long since gone and that Luke secretly wants to see his mother dead. Mary is shocked when Luke uses his power on Sylar's cup, causing it to explode, and she watches as Sylar pulls Luke aside and makes him demonstrate further. She protests when Luke claims she hates him, but Sylar suggests that she is scared of what she can see in Luke: not his ability but his will. She insists that she loves her son but Sylar mockingly points out that he is clearly unhappy. Agent Simmons suddenly manages to free himself and pulls a gun, but Luke uses his ability on the agent, killing him as Mary shouts for him to stop. She looks at her son in horror, saying that Simmons was going to rescue them. Sylar then leaves and Luke goes with him, taking Mary's car.

Building 26

Luke tells Sylar that he has never talked to his mother about his ability, because she already thinks he's a freak.


Sylar leaves Luke at an abandoned diner and tells him to go back to his mother.


  • Mary Campbell has New Jersey license plates L5C681 on her Buick station wagon.

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