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Danny Pine

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Danny Pine
Portrayed by Franc Ross
First appearance Villains
In-story stats
Known ability Metal mimicry
Date of death 2007
Home Austin, TX
Residence Makeshift shelter
Occupation Veteran
Significant other formerly Mrs. Pine (deceased)
Child William Pine

Danny Pine was an evolved human who was the target of Meredith's first bag and tag mission with Thompson.

Character History


Danny, a Vietnam veteran, is living in a shantytown. Thompson and Meredith approach him claiming to be Veteran Administration officials. Danny isn't fooled and uses his metal mimicry to transform his right hand into metal and stun Thompson with a single blow. Meredith heats his metal hand, causing him distraction if not pain, and she then renders him unconscious with Thompson's taser. Danny is subsequently taken to Cell 9 for confinement.

Graphic Novel:Partners

Danny is identified as one of the Level 5 escapees. He goes to to the home of his ex-wife and son William. Noah and Meredith go to recapture him and Noah takes William as a hostage to force Danny's surrender. Meredith distracts him by using a makeshift Molotov cocktail to burn his transformed right arm. Noah shoots Danny in his metallic right arm repeatedly, breaking his grip and knocking him to the ground. Afterward, the partners discover that Danny beat his ex-wife to death, allegedly for taking his son, home, and money away from him. He is returned to Primatech.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Noah locks Danny in a Level 5 cell after capturing him.


Noah releases the remaining Level 5 prisoners, and tells Pine, Eric Doyle, and Echo DeMille that the first of them to kill Sylar will be guaranteed his freedom.

Later, as Meredith searches the corridors of the Primatech facility, she finds a severed arm, half of which is metal, still twitching on the ground.

Evolved Human Abilities

Danny had the ability to transform his tissue into a metallic substance. It is unknown as to whether he gained additional mass while using this ability.


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