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Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes.jpg
Sherlock Holmes (right) works with Dr. Watson (left).

First reference: The Butterfly Effect
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Sherlock Holmes is a collection of collection of novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Since Doyle's days, the Sherlock Holmes franchise has been expanded to various types of media.


The Butterfly Effect

After planting a GPS tracker on Daphne, but before teleporting with Ando to her location, Hiro exclaims, "The game is afoot!" This was one of Sherlock Holmes's famous sayings, though he was probably quoting Shakespeare when he said it.


After Hiro confronts Samuel, Damian wipes Hiro's memories. Hiro then says, "Must rescue Watson...".

Upon This Rock

Hiro, whose "fanboy brain" has been "stirred up" by Damian, refers to Mohinder as Dr. Watson. He says Dr. Watson is being held at the castle Arkham, and that they need to rescue him. Later, Ando figures out that "Watson" is a reference to Sherlock Holmes and that Hiro is giving clues to be figured out. Hiro stands up and shouts, "Elementary!", referencing the way that Holmes often called his logical conclusions "elementary." Later, when Ando figures out that they must go to Florida, Hiro shouts, "Elemetary!" again.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 1

Hiro sees Mohinder in his mind, and calls him "Watson" again.

Close to You

Hiro, still whose "brain is [still] scrambled," continues referring to Mohinder as "Dr. Watson". Ando laments, "I wish I knew what any of this meant."

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 2

Hiro refers to Mohinder as "Dr. Watson".

The subtitle of this novel is Elementary, My Dear Hiro. This is a play on the phrase "elementary, my dear Watson", which is a commonly attributed to Sherlock Holmes (though the character never actually said those words together).

Heroes Evolutions

In chapter 5 of Purpose, after John Mulligan figures out that The Watcher has been using him, The Watcher says, "Bravo, Sherlock."

Memorable Quotes

"Must rescue Watson..."

- Hiro (Thanksgiving)


  • Hiro actually references Dr. Watson, not Sherlock Holmes himself.

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