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Season: Four
Episode number: 410
First aired: November 23, 2009
Written by: Adam Armus
Kay Foster
Directed by: Seith Mann
Previous episode: Brother's Keeper
Next episode: The Fifth Stage
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Story Development

Doug Douglas · Amanda Strazzulla · Caleb



Samuel watches Chandra's tape that explains how the power of certain evolved humans can increase exponentially in the presence of more evolved humans. Samuel smiles as the baby begins to unleash waves of seismic power. Hiro pounds on the trailer door and demands that Samuel come out. He does so and Hiro asks where and when Charlie is. Samuel tells him that there are more pressing matters and the film has revealed his destiny, and the destiny of the carnival. He refuses to tell Hiro where Charlie is, and dares him to kill him. However, he warns that if he dies, Charlie's location dies with him. He then tells Hiro to help set the table for Thanksgiving.

Noah is shopping for Thanksgiving and talking to Claire on the phone. She says she isn't in the mood and tells him that Gretchen moved out and across campus. Noah believes that he's responsible but Claire says that it wouldn't have worked out anyway. He wants to make it up to her starting with a Bennet Thanksgiving dinner. Lyle can't get away from school and Noah asks Claire not to leave him alone with Sandra and her new boyfriend, Doug. Claire agrees, saying there's something she wants to talk to him about anyway. As he hangs up, Noah sees Lauren Gilmore. She approaches him and explains that she's now working for the CIA. Noah dodges the question of what he's doing now and Lauren wonders why he's on this side of Washington. He claims to be interested in the yams and Lauren jokingly wonders if he's stalking her. When he explains that he and Sandra are separated, and he's preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, Lauren points out the turkey won't thaw out by the next day and he needs an already-cooked turkey. She offers her assistance and Noah admits he's not an expert in life skills. As they go down the aisle, Noah invites her to join and says it would be great to catch up.

Nathan is sleeping and having dreams, while Peter watches over him. There's a knock on the door and Peter goes to answer it. It's Angela, who wishes him a happy Thanksgiving and has caterers bring in food. She insists that Thanksgiving is for family sharing lives and says she wants to talk. Peter tells her that he went to the storage unit containing Nathan's dead body, and she realizes that René told him. She explains that it was a shape-shifter posing as Nathan, and they stored the body away. When Peter brings up Matt, Angela insists that Matt is unbalanced and Peter tells her he knows that Sylar is in Matt's head. He wonders what she did, and if Nathan is really dead. Nathan comes out and tells Angela they'd all like to hear the answer. Angela says they will have dinner and discuss it, but Nathan grabs her by the arm and demands an answer. Angela insists that they will sit down first, or she'll leave and they'll never see her again. Nathan releases her but his face distorts for a moment.

Doug introduces Miss Lovegood, Mr. Muggles's new girlfriend.

Noah is at his apartment preparing dinner when there's a knock on the door. He lets in Claire, who is impressed at what he's done. She's also surprised to see that Lauren is there, and figures that Lauren is his date. Noah insists that she isn't. There's another knock on the door and Noah lets in Sandra, her boyfriend Doug Douglas, Mr. Muggles, and Doug's dog, Miss Lovegood. Sandra initially assumes Lauren is the cook, and then figures that Lauren is Noah's date. Noah insists she isn't.

As Hiro sets the table, he explains to Lydia they don't have Thanksgiving in Japan. She asks what the matter is and insists he can talk to her because they're all family. Hiro tells her that he's a prisoner and Samuel broke his word. Edgar overhears the conversation and after Hiro walks away, he asks Lydia why Joseph isn't there if Hiro fixed the past. Lydia admits it's a good question. She goes after Hiro and says that they need to talk. Hiro refuses to explain what he did, given that Charlie is at risk. She asks him to stay for a minute while she changes for dinner, and suggests she can use her ability to get inside his soul and be as one. He accuses her of trying to seduce him and insists that his one love is Charlie. Lydia explains that she needs closeness for her power to work and Hiro concedes that each power works differently. She turns and tells him to touch her back. When she does, Lydia realizes he desperately wants Charlie back and Samuel is forcing Hiro to work for him. She realizes that Samuel didn't have Hiro save Joseph, and she knows Samuel won't tell her. She asks Hiro to take her back eight weeks to when the government man murdered Joseph. Hiro is hesitant but she insists that it's important and takes his hand.

Hiro discovers that Lydia's influence has sent them back eight weeks, just after Mohinder left the trailer after his talk with Joseph. They watch as Samuel approaches Joseph and demands that they talk. Joseph agrees and they go out into the nearby fields. Lydia doesn't know if they are at the night when Joseph dies, and runs off after the two brothers before she can hear Hiro's warning about altering time.

The Petrellis sit down for dinner and Peter demands answers, but Angela says that Nathan should say grace. He snaps and says that he's dead and wants to know why. Peter agrees and Angela says that she doesn't expect them to understand or approve of her decision. She tells them that Sylar planned to kill the President and they had gone to stop him. She had a dream about Nathan fighting for his life, and took Matt to the hotel. By the time she got there, Nathan was already dead. She forced Matt to transfer Nathan's mind into Sylar's body, and she insists that Nathan is Nathan in every way that counts. Angela insists that they are still a family and nothing has to change. She offers a toast to the three of them.

Noah proposes a toast for everyone being there for the first Thanksgiving he's hosted, and a particular thanks for Lauren for putting the meal together. Doug explains that he and Sandra met because their dogs were attracted to each other. Noah then explains that he and Lauren used to work at Primatech and recently reconnected. Sandra knows all about Primatech and wonders if she's stumbling onto something she's not supposed to remember. Noah insists that she's not stumbling onto anything and they should just enjoy dinner. Doug suggests they should go around the table and all say what they're thankful. Doug says he's thankful for Mrs. Lovegood and Sandra. Noah is thankful for Claire coming. Lauren is thankful for candied yams. Claire admits that she should be thankful but she's not feeling it right now. Noah tells Sandra that her roommate moved out, much to Doug's surprise, but Claire points out he doesn't know anything about her. Claire decides to talk about it and says she's planning to drop out of school.

Samuel killed Joseph eight weeks ago.

Samuel addresses the carnival and says that it will be a Thanksgiving to remember. He notices that Lydia isn't there. Edgar claims he doesn't know where she is, but Lydia's daughter Amanda says that she went to find Hiro. Samuel finishes his toast.

Eight weeks ago, Hiro and Lydia secretly watch as Samuel informs Joseph that he heard everything that Mohinder said. Joseph admits that he's controlled Samuel because he's dangerous, and has the power to move cities and mountains, the power to kill millions. Joseph says he won't let it happen and Samuel admits that he always realized he had some untapped powerful. He demands to know how he can become that powerful but Joseph refuses to say anything further. He says he gave up everything to watch over Samuel, but Samuel demands to see the film and take responsibility for himself. When Joseph tells his brother that he told Mohinder to burnt he film, Samuel shoves him down. Joseph tells him that he gave a compass to a government man, to come and take Samuel away. Samuel levitates a rock and Joseph reminds him that he loves him, but Samuel uses his power to project the rock through Jospeh's throat, fatally wounding him. He runs forward to embraces his dying brother. Lydia sees what happens and cries, brushing a twig. Samuel hears her and approaches, and Hiro tries to teleport them away. He manages to succeed just before Samuel can find them.

Claire explains that she believes that college isn't for her, and talks about Becky and Gretchen. She suggests she might go abroad for a year or get a job, anything to find a place where she can fit in. Noah objects and wonders about the $40,000 he spent on her tuition, and Claire asks where the money came from. He avoids the questions and says it has to do with what Samuel said to her. As Sandra tries to keep up and wonders what her ex-husband has done, Claire says that it's about her, not Noah. Doug chips in on Claire's side, saying it's normal for people to feel they don't always fit in. He tells her it will all blow over and Claire says it won't. She grabs a knife and cuts open her arm, and Doug faints at the sight of blood.

Hiro and Lydia return to the present. Hiro warns Lydia that if anyone finds out he took her to the past, he'll never get Charlie back. Lydia insists that they have to stand up to Samuel, and then goes over to talk to Edgar. Samuel finds Hiro and asks where he's been, and Hiro says he's lost. He then approaches Lydia and asks if something is wrong. She says it isn't, but he notices a twig from the field in her hair. He chuckles and invites them to the dinner.

Sandra watches over the unconscious Doug and Lauren tries to make small talk with her. She tells Sandra that Noah's attempt at a Thanksgiving dinner was his way to let Claire know she has a family that loves her.

Sylar electrocutes Nathan to gain dominance over his body.

Claire is studying the news clippings that Noah has been collecting about the compass and Samuel's activities. He explains that it's all connected to Samuel, the man who tried to offer Claire a normal life. She wonders if she's supposed to have a normal life, and Noah wonders if she's giving up. Claire insists that none of them can understand what she goes through, and that she has to lie to everyone or they faint. Noah warns that Samuel and the others aren't good people. She demands that he stop treating her as a child, and Noah tells her not to act as a child. Someone arrives at the door and Noah lets the person in: it's Gretchen.

Angela serves pie and reaches for the knife, but Nathan stops her and asks if there's a problem. He says that they don't see Nathan, and says that he's not Nathan. He says that they should never have gone to Texas, and electricity shoots from his body. Peter gets Angela back as they watch Nathan convulse and then collapse to the floor. He gets up, having shape shifted into Sylar again. Sylar sits down and asks what's for dinner, and then telekinetically shoves the chairs into place.

Samuel serves dessert and says that they've all worked to bring their shared destiny together. He tells them they should be particularly thankful because the future is there, and it will be greater than Joseph can imagine. However, he can't say anything further while there's a traitor in their midst. He tells the carnival members that the person who killed his brother is sitting at the table. Edgar tells him that Hiro saw Samuel kill Joseph. Hiro apologizes to Lydia and Edgar for having to protect Charlie, and then insists he saw nothing. When Edgar snaps at Samuel, Samuel accuses him of killing Joseph and betraying them to the government. Edgar goes for his knives but Hiro freezes everyone except Edgar and shows him the pieces of rock that Samuel was summoning to kill him. Hiro says that it isn't the time for revenge and that sometimes a hero has to run away. He promises Edgar that they will defeat Samuel, and Edgar warns that he'll hold him to that promise. Edgar super speeds away and Hiro secretly restores time. Samuel insists that Edgar fled because he's guilty and says good riddance to him.

Sylar eats and taunts Peter and Angela, telekinetically held in place. He congratulates Angela on raising the bar of evil incarnate and leans forward to kiss her. Sylar tells them that he believes in one thing: blood. He starts cutting open Angela's head but his power suddenly shuts off. Peter realizes that Nathan is inside of Sylar and fighting for control to save his family. Peter and Angela encourage Nathan to fight back and Sylar screams in pain and his body shifts back and forth between Nathan and Sylar. Nathan finally manages to get control and asks Angela what she's done to him. He runs out and Peter goes after him, only to see him fly out the window.

Damian manipulates Hiro's memories.

Gretchen explains that Noah called her because he knew they were both feeling low. She says that her new roommate is awful, she's a slob, and no one has tried to kill her in days. Claire suggests she move back in again, and Gretchen admits that Claire is the only person she thought has understood her. Meanwhile, Noah suggests to Lauren they get together for Christmas but she suggests a movie might be safer. She gives him her number and says goodbye. Sandra and Doug prepare to go and Claire apologizes to Sandra. She tells Claire that she convinced Doug he swallowed a peanut and had an allergic reaction. Gretchen goes outside and Noah assures Claire that she has choices. She tells him that she'll be going back to school on Monday, and thanks him for inviting Gretchen.

Outside, Claire tells Gretchen they have a couple of days and she wants to find out where the compass leads. She admits that she stole it from Noah, and she wants to know what choices she has. Claire asks if Gretchen is willing to come, and warns that Becky is there. Gretchen insists on going with Claire and they leave, following the compass' arrow.

Samuel tells Hiro that he knows he saved Edgar, and warns that he's putting Charlie in danger. Hiro notes that Joseph was right but that he's powerful too, and Samuel can't endanger her without losing his hold on Hiro. Samuel says he won't ever let Hiro leave, and Damian comes up behind Hiro and uses his ability on him. When Samuel asks how he feels, Hiro says, " Must rescue Watson... Beam me up, Scotty," and teleports away. A shocked Samuel demands to know what Damian has done.

Peter tells Angela he's going to find Nathan. She doesn't believe it's possible, but Peter says that he's learned that anything is possible. He wants Nathan back and he'll find a way.

Memorable Quotes

"I'm a yam man."

- Noah (to Lauren)

"You are the devil."

"No, Hiro, I am your savior. You just don't know it yet."

- Hiro, Samuel

"It was love at first sight. For Mr. Muggles and Miss Lovegood, that is. We met at the groomer. My little angel wouldn't stop barking until they put her cage right next to his. Is that right, Sandy?"

- Doug

"Primatech. Is that the paper company or that other thing?"

"Oh, you know about that other thing."

"Yes, dear. A memory can be erased only so many times."

- Sandra, Lauren

"Come on, buddy. That's the best you've got? No big speeches about hope? Triumph of the human spirit?"

"Why don't you let me out of this chair and find out."

"And you... You have raised the evil incarnate bar to an entirely new level. Thank you for giving me something to strive for."

- Sylar, Peter

"All this talk of souls and spirits sends my head spinning. I am not a religious man. But there is one thing I do believe in: blood. Time to carve the turkey."

- Sylar

"Naked lady, you are trying to seduce me. You should know my heart belongs to Charlie!"

- Hiro (to Lydia)

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