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Eden's stepmother

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Eden's stepmother
Edens stepmother.jpg
First appearance Life Before Eden
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Date of death before 2006
Home Utah
Residence The Ellises' home
Significant other Mr. Ellis (estranged)
Children Eden McCain (stepdaughter, deceased)

Eden McCain causes the death of her stepmother after using her power of persuasion for the first time.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Life Before Eden

Eden's father and stepmother have continuous arguments; when the man abandons the family, Eden's stepmother blames Eden. Believed by her stepdaughter, the matriarch gives Eden thankless chores to do, as Eden's stepmother seemingly does nothing but drink and smoke. As Eden grows up, her stepmother continues to reinforce that her estranged husband left because "he didn't want no kid". One day, Eden says, "I wish you'd just die!!!" to her stepmother. Her stepmother's heart hears Eden's command and stops pumping immediately. As she dies, her cigarette drops to the ground, setting the house afire. Eden attempts to wake the dead woman, but she does not move. Eden leaves her stepmother's body to burn.

Graphic Novel:Fathers & Daughters

Mr. Ellis remembers arguing with his wife, and that she said she didn't want to watch Eden because the girl wasn't her daughter.

Memorable Quotes

"He left cause'a you. You always came between us. He didn't want no kid. 'Specially one that doesn't do nothin' but take up space. You ain't special. You ain't nothin' at all."

- Eden's stepmother (to Eden) (Life Before Eden)

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