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First reference: Genesis
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The heart is often referenced in the Heroes universe.



Mohinder says that it is the nature of the human heart to look into life's mysteries and questions. He also says that the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments.

When Simone takes her coat off and heads over to the bed where her father is, there is a steady beeping of a heart monitor.

Peter kneels next to Isaac to check his heartbeat.

Don't Look Back

After Peter wakes up in a hospital bed, Angela tells him that his father didn't die of a heart attack, he died because he committed suicide.

Niki finds a heart-shaped note on the back of the registration of a Cadillac convertible, telling her to check the trunk and follow a map.

Claire tells her father that he can't protect her forever and he says that it breaks his heart. After looking at the player, he repeats himself and says that it really does break his heart.


While Peter and Mohinder are on a New York City subway, there is a poster behind them that reads, "Don't give your heart to just anyone."


While Brody is in a hospital bed, a heart monitor beeps steadily.

Better Halves

Hank tells Claire that all she has to worry about from his side of the family is a history of cancer and heart disease.

Nothing to Hide

Peter listens to Charles's heart.

Karen's heart monitor flatlines.


In Mohinder's dream, he remembers his father paraphrasing Darwin--a scientific man ought to have a heart of stone. Mohinder then realizes that his father had a heart of stone because of Shanti.

Graphic Novel:Life Before Eden

Eden's stepmother's heart stops beating after Eden angrily commands her to die.

Six Months Ago

Chandra Suresh tells Gabriel Gray that the brain controls every heartbeat.

Nathan informs Peter that their father died of a heart attack.


When Claire tells Zach not to tell anyone about Claire's ability, Zach agrees and says that he crosses his heart.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 1

Hana request to join the para-troopers is denied by an IDF enlisting officer because the Israeli army has concerns about her heart. Hana assures him that her heart is fine. The officer tells her that she cannot be trusted in the trenches because the enemies can hear her heart beating and that it yearns for vengeance.

Later, she says that the rules of engagement state to shoot on sight, but the rules didn't account for her heart.


As Peter lies comatose in bed, a heart monitor beats steadily.

As Peter lies in a New York City hospital bed, Nathan tells Simone that the doctors don't know how much more his heart can take. Angela worries that Peter will die of a heart attack.

The Fix

Claire tells the Haitian that it breaks his heart to lie to her father.

Hiro tells his abductor that his heart is true.

When Dr. Witherson greets Niki, she asks her if she has a change of heart.


Claude tells Peter that he is a sad cartoon of a broken heart bleeding all over the place.


Hope's bag is decorated with rhinestones in the shape of a large heart.


Dale explains that her enhanced hearing allows her to detect even the tiniest changes in a heartbeat. She turns to Sylar and points out that his heart is beating pretty quickly and asks if he's nervous. That night, after Sylar silently enters Dale's shop, Sylar tells her that the sound in his heart is murder.

Nathan tells Simone that he knows her heart in the right place, that she wants to to help Peter.

A heart monitor beats while Sandra is in bed.

Company Man

Sandra asks her daughter to find it in her heart to give her father another chance.

Mr. Bennet tells Claire that she didn't grow inside her mother, but she grew inside their hearts.


Mr. Linderman tells Nathan that two years from present day, through a series of fluke circumstances, he will find himself in the White House--a heartbeat away from the presidency.


Linderman tells Nathan it is his destiny to be a leader and use the explosion for a catalyst for good and that if he looks deep into his heart, he knows he's right.

Five Years Gone

Future Hiro explains to Hiro and Ando that five years ago, a man named Sylar exploded in the heart of the city, changing the world forever.

While under the guise of Nathan, Sylar says that they entered the battle with a heavy heart.

The Hard Part

As Mohinder enters Molly's room, an image of a heart is hanging on the wall.

Sylar hears Hiro and Ando's heartbeat in Isaac's loft and later tells Hiro that he recognized his heartbeat from the loft.


When Kaito reminds Hiro of Takezo Kensei, we learn that after the Dragon of Kiso Mountain demanded the life of the princess, Kensei refused and cut out his own heart and handed it to the dragon, saying that his love was in there. Hiro tells his father that he finally understands that to save what is most important, he has to be strong enough to cut out his heart.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Mohinder says that it is the nature of the human heart to look into life's mysteries and questions. He asks who among the world of strangers will touch our hearts. Later, Mohinder mentions the simple human need to know in our hearts that we are not alone.

In his dream, Peter sees Charles saying that the world needs to be saved by heart, not strength -- and that's Peter. Later, Charles tells Peter that his heart has the ability to love unconditionally.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2

After the Company's satellite's defense mechanism --a virus-- infects Hana, she says that her heart racing out of control.

Graphic Novel:It Takes a Village, Part 2

Guillame tells the people of his village that they are the blood that beats through his heart, and without them the Loa will starve.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 1

In Betty's high school cafeteria, a poster advertising healthy eating and shows a small heart.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 1

The title refers to the heart, and Ando says that Kimiko is the "gatekeeper to [his] lonely heart".


Whitebeard shoots an arrow through Kensei's heart, but does not kill him.

Out of Time

Hiro says that Kensei has a broken heart.

Cautionary Tales

Hiro ask Kaito if he remembers his heartache when Ishi died.

Hiro eulogizes his father, saying that his father is not truly dead, as long as he lives in his heart.

Truth & Consequences

Maya tells Alejandro that in her heart, she wanted Gloria dead.

Graphic Novel:The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei

Adam Monroe says that he thought that he could find fulfillment if he won the heart of one of Yaeko's descendants, her great granddaughter, Yumi.

Graphic Novel:The End of Hana and Drucker

When Matt Neuenberg falls unconscious to the ground, Elle defibrillates his heart to revive him.


Sylar shoots Maya in the heart.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 1

Thompson, Jr. says that seeing Jamie Wu dead "broke [his] heart".


Sylar tells Meredith that adrenaline can "kick-start a dead heart".

Into Asylum

Nathan gives Claire a heart necklace.

An Invisible Thread

Sylar obtains memories by touching Claire's heart necklace.

Other References

Some of's descriptions of the graphic novels include references to the heart:

Yamagato Fellowship's page on Takezo Kensei references the heart:

  • Takezo loved a princess with all his heart.
  • Kensei refused to give the princess to the dragon, and instead cut out his own heart. He handed it to the dragon and said, "My love is in here. Take it." The dragon was so moved that he replaced Kensei's heart.'s page on Richard Drucker leads readers to a letter and blog post entitled "In my heart...".


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