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El Diablo

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El Diablo
El Diablo (trafficker).jpg
First appearance Vengeance, Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability Fire casting
Formal name Unknown
Alias El Diablo
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Trafficker

El Diablo is the head of a trafficking ring in Los Angeles. He is an evo with the ability to surround his body with fire.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 2

After El Vengador destroys one of his shipments, a trafficker reminds another trafficker that El Diablo runs the neighbourhood and that anyone who crosses him gets a price on his head. Later, when intercepting another shipment, El Vengador fights through El Diablo's goons to reach their boss. When confronted by El Vengador, El Diablo surrounds his body with fire. El Vengador lures El Diablo into a building, where he turns a wheel and causes a jet of cold steam to extinguish El Diablo's flames. El Vengador then uppercuts El Diablo and chains him to the ceiling by the leg.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 3

Fiona tells Oscar that El Diablo paid James Dearing to keep the police away from his cartel.

A trafficker who was part of El Diablo's gang fears that El Diablo will kill the remnants of his old gang for failing to protect a shipment from El Vengador.

Felix tells Oscar that El Diablo has partnered up with another gang that is led by Pelon.

Evolved Human Abilities

El Diablo has the ability to engulf his body in fire. El Diablo can light himself on fire and can emit fire from any point on his body. He does this when confronted by El Vengador, though El Diablo's flames were extinguished by a jet of cold steam, which enabled El Vengador to defeat El Diablo. El Diablo is immune to the effects of his ability.

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