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El Vengador

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El Vengador
El Vengador.jpg
Portrayed by Marco Grazzini,
Ryan Guzman
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Aliases Luis Gutierrez,
Oscar Gutierrez,
Carlos Gutierrez
Occupation Vigilante

El Vengador is a vigilante who stands up against oppression.

Several different people have taken on the guise of El Vengador:

Character History

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

A goateed man reads a comic book entitled El Vengador with a portrait of El Vengador on the cover.

Brave New World

During a support group for evos, one woman mentions that El Vendor has been fighting crime as a masked vigilante. He has an underground railroad where he is protecting evos.

Jose Gutierrez compares Carlos Gutierrez to El Vengador. He claims that the citizens are scared because of El Vengador. Oscar Gutierrez tells Jose to take his graffiti of El Vengador off of the side of Gutierrez and Sons because of El Vengador ins't someone that everyone praises. Later, Carlos seeing a newscast of a man who thinks El Vengador is a hero because he saved him.

El Vengador is seen in an alley fighting "criminals." He is then shot and stabbed by a woman. He sees the LAPD pull up and he limps away. He goes to Gutierrez and Sons to recuperate. Carlos unintentionally finds the secret room in Gutierrez and Sons and finds his brother Oscar dying. He realizes that Oscar is El Vengador. Oscar dies and Carlos looks over at the El Vengador mask. When Carlos tells Jose about Oscar's death, Jose asks why El Vengador didn't stop the killer.

At Moe's Ice Cream Parlor, Luke and Joanne Collins discuss going after El Vengador.


Father Mauricio Chavez indicates a knowledge of Oscar being El Vengador. In the meantime, his brother Carlos discovers a newspaper article revealing that the two men Oscar killed as El Vengador and the woman who murdered him were all cops and it was being claimed by a cop named Eugene Pakowski that El Vengador had been trying to commit rape when he killed the cops. Noticing Pankowski's name on Oscar's board, Carlos visits the man, dropping the El Vengador mask in front of him and demanding to know who set El Vengador up to be killed. He finally gets a name: Captain James Dearing of the LAPD.

After getting the name, Carlos visits Father Mauricio who confirms that he knew that Oscar was El Vengador and that Oscar was trying to protect evos in Los Angeles. Father Mauricio reveals that as El Vengador, Oscar ran an underground railroad for evos to Canada and he asks Carlos to take Oscar's place as El Vengador, revealing himself to be an evo as well. He also tells Carlos about a shadow unit within the LAPD Oscar believed to have been created to bring down the underground railroad. Carlos later lets Father Mauricio use Oscar's secret room, the beginning of the underground railroad ran by El Vengador, to smuggle an evo mother and her child out of the country.

Under the Mask

Carlos tries to get revenge on Captain James Dearing but nearly gets himself killed before Father Mauricio Chavez saves him and tells Carlos that he shouldn't be trying to get revenge.

Later, Fiona and her friends are surprised when El Vengador appears in their hideout as they are discussing using his underground railroad to get away. El Vengador warns them that Fiona was tagged and was followed by the bad guys. El Vengador tells them the street out back is clear and for them to get to Father Mauricio. As Dearing breaks in, the evos flee with their things. Dearing is surprised when he finds no one there and is attacked by El Vengador who tells Dearing he just missed the evos. Dearing is shocked to see El Vengador as he believed he'd had El Vengador killed. El Vengador demands to know who's behind Dearing hunting evos, but Dearing proves himself to be an evo himself with superhuman strength. Dearing beats up El Vengador who is shocked by Dearing having powers while Dearing realizes El Vengador's the person who had followed him to the warehouse. Dearing beats up El Vengador who proves to be no match for him, something Dearing is amused by. As Dearing approaches him with the intent to unmask him, El Vengador jumps out a window and limps away, nearly being hit by a car in the process.

The Needs of the Many

After seeing Jose's upgrades to Oscar's old car, Carlos comes up with the idea to modify his El Vengador outfit.

Later, Father Mauricio visits Carlos to discover that he has modified the El Vengador suit to have armor plating and hydraulics that give him the equivilant of superhuman strength while wearing it. Father Mauricio is not impressed, saying that Carlos needs to become a man who's fit to wear the El Vengador suit before he's impressed. Carlos tells him he's not becoming El Vengador for Oscar or Father Mauricio but because he wants to believe in something bigger than himself. Father Mauricio gives Carlos the El Vengador mask and warns him that Captain Dearing will now be looking for him and may be onto Father Mauricio as well. Carlos just tells Father Mauricio he will have to be ready for Captain Dearing then.

Shortly after Carlos leaves to take Oscar's car on a test drive, Jose discovers Oscar's old workshop and the fact that his father was his hero El Vengador. After Jose tells him that he'd been afraid to tell his father something but that they could've worked as a team if he did, Father Mauricio asks what Jose was so afraid to tell his father. Jose demonstrates his phasing power by phasing his arm, holding the El Vengador mask, through a car window. At that moment, Captain Dearing arrives with his men and Jose quickly drops the El Vengador mask inside the car he'd phased it into before trying and failing to flee as Father Mauricio attempts to cover him.

The Lion's Den

Returning to Gutierrez and Sons, Carlos discovers signs of a struggle and his El Vengador mask where Jose had dropped it in a car in the shop. Carlos realizes something is wrong and after discovering that both Jose and Father Mauricio are missing, goes to the police station to confront Captain Dearing. While there, Carlos witnesses Dearing outed as an evo by E.P.I.C and dragged away by Evans and Murphy.

While Evans and Murphy are transporting Dearing who has his power negated, El Vengador appears, shutting off the lights in the parking garage and throwing flares at the police van to distract the dirty cops. The cops pull the van over only for El Vengador to punch Evans across the face, knocking him out and splattering blood on Murphy. Murphy gets out, but El Vengador throws him across the garage, knocking him out as well. El Vengador removes the doors of the van and Dearing attacks him, but with Dearing's powers negated, El Vengador easily subdues him. Dearing demands to know what El Vengador is doing there and he tells Dearing that Dearing had taken his friends and Dearing's two choices are to help El Vengador get them back or El Vengador will leave him in the garage to be torn apart by the other cops. Dearing reluctantly agrees to help El Vengador who tosses him in the trunk of his car to Dearing's annoyance and drives off as the police fire after him ineffectually.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 1

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Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 2

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Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Arriving at Sunstone Manor, James Dearing turns a bag containing the El Vengador suit over to Bonnie.

Send in the Clones

As he and Farah make their way through Sunstone Manor, Carlos locates the armory where his El Vengador armor is located and dons the suit, minus his mask. Farah asks about the suit since it looks like something a luchadore would wear and Carlos explains his grandfather's history as the wrestler El Vengador and how it inspired him. Carlos tells Farah that he finally understands that its worth standing up for something even if it gets your legs broken like it did his grandfather when he was El Vengador and wouldn't throw a match.

Aided by his El Vengador costume, Carlos breaks down a steel door and frees several trapped evos including Father Mauricio who tells him where to find Micah Sanders. As Farah goes to organize a defense against an army of Harris clones, Jose leads his uncle to the pod containing Micah and Carlos begins using the suit to try to smash the glass. When a Harris clone arrives, he shoots Carlos' gun out of his hand but his El Vengador suit keeps him from getting hurt. Father Mauricio suffocates the clone from behind and Carlos shatters him with a powerful punch. After Father Mauricio is killed by a Sunstone guard, Carlos' grief allows him to use his suit to shatter Micah's pod with a single punch after barely cracking the glass.

After they take control of Sunstone Manor and sit down to listen to Micah explain the H.E.L.E., Carlos continues to wear his El Vengador suit despite the threat being over but takes it off before they begin driving to Odessa, Texas.

Project Reborn

Three months after the H.E.L.E. was averted, Carlos continues to work as El Vengador with Farah Nazan as his partner. To aid in his El Vengador work, Carlos now uses a police scanner to help him find crime to fight. Carlos also adds flamethrowers to the El Vengador suit which Farah considers to be a bit much but Carlos doesn't think so. Jose asks when he can join the two of them in fighting crime to their great amusement.

Evolved Human Abilities

Carlos Gutierrez modified the El Vengador suit so it gives the wearer superhuman strength and can match other evos in combat. It is strong enough that several hits will smash down a securely locked metal door. A single hit was also able to destroy a Harris clone while he was being restrained by Father Mauricio and another powerful hit while made in grief shattered a glass pod when before hits had barely dented it. (Send in the Clones)

Carlos eventually adds flamethrowers to the suit, effectively giving him pyrokinetic abilities while wearing the El Vengador suit. (Project Reborn)


  • In Spanish, "El Vengador" means "The Avenger". In the graphic novel Vengeance, Part 1, Pelon asks Oscar who he is. Oscar says, "I am vengeance. Yo soy El Vengador."
  • Ryan Guzman said in an interview that he looked to Batman for inspiration in creating the character of El Vengador.


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