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Fire casting

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Fire casting
Fire casting.jpg
El Diablo catches himself on fire.
Held by: El Diablo,
A blazing homeless man,
"The Firestarter"
Ability to: Engulf one's body in flames

Fire casting is the ability to engulf one's entire body in flames.



El Diablo

El Diablo is able to engulf his body in flames and uses it to stay at the head of a human trafficking ring. However, when doused with cold steam, El Diablo can no longer use his ability, and possibly even becomes weak. (Vengeance, Part 2)

Blazing homeless man

A blazing homeless man uses this ability to wreak havoc in an LAPD station. (Dirty Deeds)

The Firestarter

"The Firestarter" used this ability to escape from a Max Security facility near Camp Hale after finding something combustible. He sought revenge and freedom by burning down much of the facility and killing a guard. Fire extinguishers didn't work to stop him as the temperature of the fire simply turned the fire extinguishing material to steam. Even tranquilizer darts don't stop the Firestarter as they burn up before even reaching his body. The only thing that seemed to stop the Firestarter was a bullet. (A Long Way from Home)


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