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Portrayed by Rachael Ancheril
First appearance Under the Mask
In-story stats
Known ability Flight
Home Los Angeles, CA
Residence Sunstone Manor

Fiona is an evo with the ability to fly. She was originally a fugitive, but was captured and taken to Sunstone Manor.

Character History

Under the Mask

Fiona is violently interrogated by James Dearing in an abandoned building in East Los Angeles. After spending two hours with her and not getting anything but her name, Dearing holds a gun to her leg and threatens to pull the trigger unless she tells him about El Vengador's underground railroad. Fiona defiantly headbutts Dearing, and, when he throws her out of a glass window, she flies away. Dearing tells his men that he has put a tracker on Fiona that will lead them back to her and her allies.

When Fiona regroups with the other fugitives, she tells them that they need to leave town since it is not safe, and that she has called the priest to help. El Vengador arrives and tells her that she has been tagged, and that they all need to leave before Dearing arrives. Fiona complies, grabbing her things and escaping from the building.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Carlos sees Fiona in a cell in Sunstone Manor, floating on her back and connected to a health monitoring machine. When she turns to look at Carlos, he backs away in horror and leaves.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 3

In 2014, Fiona is smuggled into Los Angeles by El Diablo's trafficking ring. She is rescued by El Vengador and taken back to Gutierrez and Sons, where she meets Father Mauricio and shows him her ability. Fiona identifies a photograph of James Dearing on Oscar's board and says that El Diablo paid Dearing to keep the police away. A criminal then tries to break in to Gutierrez and Sons with two friends to retrieve his car. When the door gives way, Fiona grabs Oscar and hovers below the ceiling so that the criminals do not find them. When the time comes to take the trafficked evos to Canada, Fiona sticks around to make sure that they reach the van safely, but stays in Los Angeles to help El Vengador find El Diablo.

Send in the Clones

With the help of Farah Nazan and Taylor Kravid, Carlos rescues all of the evos trapped in Sunstone Manor including Fiona. While they initially prepare for battle against an army of Harris clones, it proves unnecessary as Miko Otomo kills the original Harris and destroys all of the clones.

Evolved Human Abilities

Fiona has the ability to fly. When thrown out of a window by James Dearing, Fiona used her ability to halt her fall, and then fly up and away. She used her ability to hover in the air in front of Father Mauricio, and to lift Oscar Gutierrez high into the air. When Carlos saw her in a cell in Sunstone Manor, Fiona was floating on her back.

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