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Elle's phone

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Elle's phone
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Elle speaks with her father on her Sprint phone.

First mentioned: Fight or Flight
Owned by: Elle Bishop
Current status: With Sylar

Elle Bishop used a phone to contact people and to store the contact numbers of several evolved humans.


Fight or Flight

While in Ireland, Elle answers her father's call with her cell phone, and tells him that Peter is in Ireland. She admits to killing Ricky. Bob wants her to come home immediately, and she shows frustration about not being allowed to get Peter. After further conversation, she says that she's going home, and tells her father sorry.

Our Father

After Sylar kills Elle, he looks through the contact list on her phone to find another evolved human. He chooses Sue Landers, although other names on the list include Byron Bevington, Sparrow Redhouse, Penkala Burton, Gordon Hovey, Curtis Hovespian [sic], and Daniel Buzzetti.

Elle's phone contains a list of important contacts.



  • 617-555-0145 is the phone number listed for Melvin Crum (area code 617 corresponds to Boston, MA).
  • 507-555-0164 is the phone number listed for Penkala Burton (area code 507 corresponds to Rochester, MN).
  • 505-555-0125 is the phone number listed for Sparrow Redhouse (area code 505 corresponds to New Mexico).
  • 714-555-0149 is the phone number listed for Sue Landers (area code 714 corresponds to North Orange County, CA).

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