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Claire's phones

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Claire's phones
Claire on the phone.jpg
Claire speaks on the phone with her newfound mother.

Owned by: Claire Bennet
Current status: in Claire's possession

Claire uses her phone to communicate and text with others.



Claire's phone rings and she checks it. Zach had text messaged her telling her to open her window. When she does, Zach is there ready to take her to homecoming.


Claire calls Zach and asks him to meet her on the football field. When she realizes his memories have been erased, she calls her father and asks him if he remembers about her ability. He assures her that he does and tells her to stay home until he arrives.

The Fix

After finding out that her father lied to her about her biological birthparents, Claire calls everyone named Gordon in Kermit, Claire reaches a woman who claims to be Meredith, her birth mother.


Claire's phone rings during a conversation with Meredith, so Claire apologizes and goes to answer it. The call is from Sandra, who asks Claire where she is. Claire tells her that she is at the aquarium with Zach, and that she will be home in an hour.


Claire calls Meredith and asks her about her biological father. She responds that he is coming from New York to see her but hesitates when Claire asks if she can meet him.


Claire calls her father and tells him that mom has just passed out.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Claire talks to her father on the phone and hands it over to Peter. They talk and Noah tells Peter to stay near Claire's phone.

Later, Noah calls back to talk to Peter, but Angela answers and says that Claire is right here and Noah wants to say goodbye to her father. They talk and Noah tells her to get out of town, and then run away.

Four Months Later...

Claire talks to Nathan on the phone.

The Line

Claire calls her father and asks if she can borrow the car. She asks Noah where he is, and he tells her that he's in Tuscan.

Out of Time

West wakes Claire up with a text message, offering her waffles for breakfast.

Later, after West thought that the man with the horn rimmed glasses was chasing him, Claire tries to text West, but gets no reply.

The Second Coming

Claire calls Peter, unaware that his version from the future answers the call, and asks him about Nathan's condition. Peter replies that he's in a bad shape. Claire suggests to help him with her regenerative blood, but Peter dismisses the offer, commenting that she's in California, and they are in Texas, and tells her to stay home.

A Clear and Present Danger

Claire calls Peter to tell him about a conversation between his brother and mother she had overheard. She warns him that Nathan plans to hunt down all evolved humans and tells that Matt is his next target. Peter says he'll talk to Angela and tells Claire to warn Matt.

Trust and Blood

After returning home from unfortunate events, Claire receives a text message. The sender pushes her to fight, and after she questions the senders identity, they reply with their name, Rebel.

Building 26

Claire receives two messages when she is having her breakfast with the Bennet family and after she and Noah Bennet have an argument. Rebel needs her to warn Alex Woolsly, an employee at Sam's Comics in Costa Verde, CA, that Danko's team is coming after him.

An Invisible Thread

Noah calls Claire, but Sylar answers as Claire. Then he shape shifts into himself.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 2

Claire receives the first text from Rebel.


Noah talks to Claire and she tells him that she is not going to keep her ability a secret, but will share it with Gretchen and her other friends. Noah says he is sorry for how he reacted.


Noah is shopping for Thanksgiving and talking to Claire on the phone. She says she isn't in the mood and tells him that Gretchen moved out and across campus. Noah wants to make it up to her starting with a Bennet Thanksgiving dinner. Lyle can't get away from school and Noah asks Claire not to leave him alone with Sandra and her new boyfriend, Doug. Claire agrees, saying there's something she wants to talk to him about anyway.

Upon This Rock

Claire walks away from Samuel and listens to the voice messages she has been left. The first two are from Noah, who tells Claire that she needs to call him, and the third is from Peter, who says the same thing.

Let It Bleed

When Claire returns to her dorm room, she takes out her phone and sees that she has a missed call from her father.

The Art of Deception

At the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Claire gets her phone out and calls her father, who is positioned on a nearby hillside. Claire tells Noah that Samuel has agreed to surrender in return for his family's safety. Noah accepts, and tells Claire that he will meet her on the field next to the carnival.

The Wall

After being buried in a trailer underground, Claire checks her phone but finds that it has no signal.

Brave New World

Claire uses her phone as a light source until Noah points out that there is a lantern behind her.

Brave New World

Noah leaves a voice message on Claire's phone right before the Odessa Peace Summit.

June 13th, Part One

Angela Petrelli receives a call from from Claire's phone. The woman who called her was a nurse at St. Jude's Hospital saying that Claire died during child birth and found her phone.


Claire has been seen with a different phone every season. In Season One, Claire uses a pink T-Mobile Sidekick 2. In Season Two Claire uses a scarlet Samsung SPH-M510 from Sprint. In Season Three, Claire uses a red Palm Centro from Sprint.


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