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The names Heroes Wiki has chosen for the many evolved human abilities depicted in Heroes have originated from a variety of sources. Due to the potential for multiple potential names for an ability, naming conventions are used to classify the names into levels of increasing canonicity. These conventions, illustrated in the following table, are based on the source of the name and are used, in hierarchal order, to determine the most appropriate name for Heroes Wiki to use when documenting an ability.
The hierarchy spans from the lowest level, where no non-speculative name is possible and the possessor's name is used, to the highest level, where the ability is named or described in an episode. Below is a listing of the level of source(s) for each chosen name and the related explanations and references, if any.
Ability Naming Conventions
The following sources are used for determining evolved human ability names, in order:
1. Canon Sources Episodes
2. Near-canon Sources Webisodes,
Graphic Novels,
Heroes Evolutions
3. Secondary Sources Episode commentary,
Heroes: Survival
4. Common names for abilities Names from other works
5. Descriptions of abilities Descriptions
6. Possessor's name If no non-speculative
description is possible
Name Level of source Explanations and references
Ability absorption Near-canon The name was explicitly given on a primatech file in From the Files of Primatech, Part 4.
Ability augmentation Near-canon Sean Fallon calls Paulette "an augmenter" (The Kill Squad, Part 3).
Ability replication Descriptive None
Accelerated probability Near-canon None
Acid secretion Near-canon "Acid secretion" is explicitly listed on Leonard's Assignment Tracker profile at
Acidic blood Secondary "Acidic blood" was confirmed to be Mary's ability by graphic novel writer Bill Hooper.
Activation and deactivation Descriptive None
Adoptive muscle memory Canon Mohinder explicitly states this name (The Line).
Age shifting Near-canon Ivan Spektor calls the Russian an "age shifter".
Age transferal Secondary In an interview, writer Tom Inkel says, "Leona's power is to transfer aging".
Alchemy Near-canon This ability has been explicitly named "alchemy" in From the Files of Primatech, Part 1.
Alejandro's ability Possessor None
Animal control Secondary In Faction Zero, Markus....
Appearance alteration Near-canon "Appearance alteration" is the ability name listed in Connie's assignment tracker profile.
Aquatic breathing Canon EPIC explicitly names the ability "aquatic breathing" (Under the Mask).
Aura absorption Near-canon Linda Tavara refers to the bands of energy she sees as auras.
Belief induction Secondary Alethea Thorn's ability name is listed in her Heroes: Survival profile.
Bliss and horror Near-canon Text from It Takes a Village, Part 1 explicitly names this ability.
Bone spike protrusion Near-canon The intro to Under the Bridge, Part 2 states: "Perrin's ability activates on instinct, sending bone spikes in every direction".
Carbon isolation and formation Secondary Cole's Heroes: Survival profile explicitly names the power as "carbon isolation and formation".
Chlorine gas exudation Near-canon Sylar says, "Tina Ramierez. Exudes chlorine gas instead of carbon dioxide" (Viewpoints).
Clairsentience Canon A file in the Genesis Files is called "clairsentience". Also, Bridget Bailey explicitly references Dr. Suresh's Activating Evolution chapter on "clairsentience" when referring to her ability in an email (Heroes Evolutions).
Clairvoyance Canon "Clairvoyance" is explicitly named in the Genesis Files. Molly's tip in the Assignment tracker map confirms that she has this ability.
Cloaking Common name Cloaking is known from Star Trek as an ability to hide something..
Cloning Near-canon The name is explicitly listed in Julien Dumont's assignment tracker profile.
The introduction to Revolutionary War, Part 2 says that Evan creates clones.
Constriction Near-canon Agent Howard calls his partner a "Constrictor" (Going Postal, Part 1).
Crumpling Near-canon Marcus uses the word "crumple" in Normal Lives.
Cyberpathy Canon EPIC explicitly names this ability "cyberpathy" (Under the Mask).
Danger sensing Near-canon None
David's ability Possessor None
Dehydration Descriptive Based on descriptions in Golden Handshake.
Dimension hopping Secondary Kelli Wheaton's ability name is listed in her Heroes: Survival profile.
Dimensional storage Secondary Store's ability name is listed in his Heroes: Survival profile.
Disintegration Descriptive None
Disintegration touch Near-canon Felicia says she has a "disintegration touch" (Career Choices).
Dream manipulation Near-canon "Dream manipulation" is explicitly named in Sanjog's tip in the Assignment Tracker Map.
Elasticity Common name None
Electric manipulation Near-canon This ability has been explicitly and expertly named by Elle's Assignment Tracker profile.
Electrical absorption Near-canon Mohinder says that the teenage patient can absorb electrical currents (Blackout, Part 2).
Elemental control Common name None
Empathic manipulation Near-canon Empathic manipulation is explicitly named in Syn's Assignment Tracker profile.
Empathic mimicry Near-canon "Empathic Mimcry"[sic] is explicitly named in Peter's tip in the Assignment Tracker Map.
Empathy Near-canon None
Energy absorption, transference, and redirection Near-canon The name was explicitly given in Mindy's Assignment Tracker profile and in From the Files of Primatech, Part 4.
Enhanced hearing Canon Explicitly named in Gabriel Gray's profile (Building 26).
Enhanced memory Near-canon Explicitly named in Matt Neuenberg's profile.
Enhanced strength Canon Knox's assignment tracker profile lists the ability as "enhanced strength" (The Butterfly Effect).
Enhanced strength and senses Near-canon The Heroes Reborn app explicitly names this ability as "enhanced strength and senses".
Enhanced synesthesia Near-canon The ability is explicitly called "enhanced synesthesia" in From the Files of Primatech, Part 1.
Enhanced teleporting Secondary Teleporter's ability name is listed in his Heroes: Survival profile.
Extraskeletal manipulation Secondary None
Fire breathing Canon Edgar's list names the ability "fire breathing". Also, the Bowmans are called "fire breathers" a number of times in Faction Zero.
Fire casting Near-canon The blazing homeless man is referred to as a "fire-casting evo" (Dirty Deeds).
Fireworks creation Near-canon Claire says that Detlev "created fireworks" (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World, Chapter 22).
Flight Canon Mohinder explicitly names it "Flight" in The Second Coming.
Forcefields Near-canon "Forcefields" is the name given in Rebellion, Part 3.
Freezing Canon Tracy's ability is explicitly listed on the file Nathan gives The President (Dual).
Future terrorist's ability Possessor The future terrorist was confirmed to be emitting a melting beam by artists Micah Gunnell and Beth Sotelo.
Gold mimicry Descriptive "Gold mimicry" describes what this ability does.
Granulation Descriptive Granulation describes what Gordon can do.
Gravitational manipulation Near-canon "Gravitational manipulation" is the ability name listed in Stephen Canfield's assignment tracker profile.
Green energy blast Secondary None
Healing Canon Hiro Nakamura calls his mother a healer (Our Father). Linda's notebook also explicitly lists Linderman's ability as "healing".
Healing touch Canon "Healing touch" is listed explicitly on Jeremy Greer's Assignment Tracker 2.0 profile (Tabula Rasa).
Health optimizing Secondary Marc is described as a "health optimizer" in his Heroes: Survival profile.
Heat generation Canon None
Illusion Canon Explicitly named by Candice in Kindred.
Image projection Descriptive "Image projection" describes all known aspects of Deitra's ability.
Impenetrable skin Canon The Haitian says that Samedi's "skin is impenetrable" (The Eclipse, Part 1).
Imprinting Common name "Imprinting" is a common name for what Joe Macon can do.
Induced radioactivity Canon "Induced Radioactivity" is explicitly named in the Genesis Files.
Inflammation Descriptive None
Intuitive aptitude Canon Explicitly named in Gabriel Gray's profile (Building 26).
Invisibility Canon Godsend refers to Claude as being invisible. Claude's Primatech file explicitly names the ability "invisibility" (From the Files of Primatech, Part 5).
Laser emission Descriptive Eric Doyle asks Michael about his lasers (Doyle).
Levitation Near-canon The introduction to History of a Secret says, "Abu Aswan has the power to levitate and move extremely heavy objects".
Lie detection Canon Sylar referred to Sue as a "lie detector" (Our Father).
Light absorption Common name Light absorption is a common name for Abe's ability.
Luke's ability Possessor None
Luminescence Common name Scientific description for glowing object.
Lung adaptation Near-canon In Berlin, Part 1, Devin describes Bianca's ability as being able to "adapt her lungs to any environment".
Magnetism Canon The Company's assignment tracker explicitly identifies the ability as "magnetism" (The Butterfly Effect).
Mass manipulation Near-canon Name of ability is specifically given in the Primatech files (From the Files of Primatech, Part 5).
Mediumship Secondary R.D. Hall called Ida May's power "mediumship" in an interview.
Melting Canon Described as "ability to melt" in Gabriel Gray's profile (Building 26).
Memory manipulation Descriptive None
Memory storage Near-canon None
Mental manipulation Near-canon René's ability is explicitly specified as mental manipulation on a Primatech ID badge in Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 8.
Metal mimicry Descriptive None
Microwave emission Canon Luke says his power is like a microwave (Trust and Blood).
Miko's ability Possessor None
Mist mimicry Near-canon A Matter of Trust says "He turned into mist" several times.
Nerve gas emission Near-canon Penny explicitly describes the ability as emitting "a nerve gas" in Faces, Part 1.
Nerve manipulation Descriptive None
Neurocognitive deficit Canon The term "neurocognitive deficit" is referred to in the Mozaic file (The Fix) and appears to match Anna's ability.
Non-biological duplication Secondary None
Oil secretion Descriptive None
Omnilingualism Common name None
Persuasion Canon Sylar refers to Eden's ability as "the power of persuasion" in Fallout; the power is also explicitly named in From the Files of Primatech, Part 1.
Phasing Canon Future Hiro says "D.L. can phase inside the buildings" in Five Years Gone.
Phoenix mimicry Secondary None
Plant growth Near-canon "Plant growth" is explicitly named in the chapter 1 of Purpose.
Plant manipulation Near-canon The Company's assignment tracker entry for Brendan Lewis explicitly calls his ability "plant manipulation".
Poison emission Canon Maya "emits a plague ... that makes people sick"--Tim Kring, episode commentary for The Kindness of Strangers; Maya uses the word "poison" to describe her ability in Powerless.
Possession Near-canon Claire says to Harold Esposito, "You can possess people." (Chapter 15 of Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World).
Precognition Canon Eden refers to Isaac as "the precog" in Better Halves.
Precognitive dreaming Near-canon In From the Files of Primatech, Part 1, Angela's ability is explictly listed as precognitive dreaming.
Primal rage Near-canon Explicitly named by agent Tim Pope in the second iStory chapter for Primatech.
Probability computation Near-canon None
Puppet master Canon This ability is explicitly named in Edgar's list and in Eric Doyle's Assignment Tracker 2.0.
Pyrokinesis Canon Named explicitly in Flint's Assignment Tracker 2.0 profile (The Butterfly Effect).
Rapid cell regeneration Canon "Rapid cell regeneration" is explicitly named in the Genesis Files.
Rock formation Near-canon Dearing says that Gallegos "made rocks form out of thin air" (Dirty Deeds).
Sedation Descriptive None
Seismic burst Secondary None
Shape shifting Canon Both Sylar and Danko refer to James Martin as a "shape shifter" in Into Asylum.
Shattering Secondary iStory writer Ryan Gibson Stewart stated that Pearl and Trevor have the same ability, and it is meant to be called "shattering".
Shifting Near-canon None
Size alteration Secondary Size alteration is explicitly named in Eric Lee Harrison's Heroes: Survival profile.
Sound absorption Near-canon The agent says, "My special ability. My body absorbs all sound." (Going Postal).
Sound manipulation Canon The Company's assignment tracker on Jesse states his ability is "sound manipulation" (The Butterfly Effect..
Space-time manipulation Canon Hiro's ability is explicitly listed on the file Nathan gives The President (Dual).
Spider mimicry Canon Edgar's list explicitly names Caleb's ability.
Spontaneous combustion Canon This ability is explicitly named in Edgar's list. Also, in Boom, Noah explicitly states the ability name.
Super speed Canon Hiro tells Ando that "with super speed, [Daphne] is the world's greatest thief" (The Butterfly Effect). Edgar's list also explicitly names the ability.
Supercharging Canon Ando has said that he can "supercharge" another person's ability (Brave New World).
Technopathy Near-canon "Technopathy" is explicitly named in Micah's tip on the Assignment Tracker Map.
Telekinesis Canon Claude explicitly names this ability when asks Peter "which one of your sorry friends has telekinesis?" in Unexpected.
Telepathy Canon Explicitly listed in the Mozaic file (The Fix) and on the file Nathan gives The President (Dual).
Teleportation Canon "Teleportation" is the name of a file in The Genesis Files. Additionally, the interactive map and the assignment tracker map explicitly list "teleportation" as the name of the ability. Joanne says that Tommy is a teleporter (Odessa).
Telescopic vision Near-canon "Telescopic vision" is explicitly listed on Donna's Assignment Tracker profile at
Temporal rewind Secondary "Temporal rewind" is explicitly named on the Heroes: Survival profile of John Mulligan, a character confirmed to belong to iStory writer Zach Wilson.
Terrakinesis Near-canon None
Umbrakinesis Canon None
Wall crawling Common name This is a common name for such an ability.
Water generation Common name None
Water mimicry Near-canon Noah says the liquid man can "mimic the density of water" and "can turn his body wholly into liquid" in Team Building Exercise.
Weather control Canon Alice says she thinks she can "control the weather". (1961).

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