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Heroes Wiki's partnership with NBC (which includes running their advertisements) is the primary source of revenue for the site. No member (including administrators) receives any personal profit from advertising revenue. Revenue generated from advertisements is used for the following purposes:

  • Donations to charitable organizations
  • Offset advertising, hosting, and hardware costs involved in running the site
  • Support future expansion of the site

Charitable organizations Heroes Wiki has donated to include the following:

If you are aware of other charitable organizations being sponsored by people involved with Heroes then feel free to suggest them on the discussion page and we will try to allocate a future donation to that organization.

Ad Blocking

While blocking advertisements is becoming easier by the day, I'd like to ask that visitors to please not block the advertisements here at Heroes Wiki. Even if you do not click on any ads that you find interesting revenue is generated sometimes simply by allowing the ad to load. So even if you never click on ads you are helping Heroes Wiki by not blocking them. If your ad blocker is blocking ads here by default, please lend us a hand and have your ad blocker allow ads from this site. As stated above the revenue from advertising is going to a good cause, so I'd like to ask people to please help contribute by not blocking ads here. Thanks!

Browser Home Page

If you're looking for a simple home page with Google search for your browser when it starts up, feel free to use Using it for searches will help generate some ad revenue for Heroes Wiki. In addition to searching the web it also has options allowing you to easily limit your Google search to either Heroes Wiki or Wikipedia. To quickly set your home page just drag the link above to the Home icon at the top of your browser. It's a nice replacement if your homepage is currently Google or blank, plus it helps out Heroes Wiki! If there's anything more that you'd want to see on the page just let me know.

Heroes Wiki Amazon Recommendations

The recommendations to the left are updated from time to time as new Heroes merchandise becomes available on Amazon. Every purchase you make helps contribute to Heroes Wiki. If you visit Amazon from one of those links and purchase an item not in the recommendations then Heroes Wiki still receives a small referral bonus all at no added cost to you. If you're looking to help contribute to this site, this is a great and easy way to help!

Heroes Wiki Revenue Info

Check here for info on Heroes Wiki revenue information.