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Portrayed by Assaf Cohen
First appearance A Clear and Present Danger
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home New York, NY
Occupation Paramedic

Hesam is Peter's paramedic co-worker.

Character History

A Clear and Present Danger

After Peter fails to revive a crash victim, Hesam tells him that he can't save everybody. Later on, he tells Peter that he is afraid of Nathan's philosophy about protecting the country as Nathan seems to be targeting minorities, unaware of what Nathan actually meant.


Peter and Hesam receive a call about a severe accident, but Hesam says that they can't make it because the traffic is jammed. Later at the hospital, Hesam jokes that the woman Peter saved named both her twins Peter. In the locker room, Hesam expresses his concerns that Peter is overworking himself and needs to have a life outside of being a paramedic. He invites Peter to go to Houlihan's with some co-workers, but Peter refuses.

Jump, Push, Fall

Hesam joins Peter in their vehicle, and finds him eating clam chowder. He asks Peter where he got it, and is surprised when Peter says Boston, as it is still hot. They get a call over the radio, but Hesam says to leave it, as their shift doesn't start for a few minutes, but when he turns toward Peter, he is gone.


Hesam approaches Peter at the hospital and confirms that Peter is being sued. In turn, Hesam confirms that William Hooper was on the log of people they rescued at the bus. Hesam notes that some staff members believe Peter is creating the incidents in an attempt to make himself look good and notes that all Hesam is is a chauffeur, while Peter is always disappearing to rescue people on his own.


Hesam and Peter transport victims of a train crash to the hospital with Hesam driving and Peter treating the patients in the back. Peter secretly heals their most serious wounds while Hesam isn't looking (including one man's paralyisis) and Hesam comments on how all four patients they transported were not as seriously injured as they seemed, unaware of what Peter did.


  • Hesam's family is from Iran.
  • According to the casting call, Hesam is in his late 20s to 30s, and is described as "a smart paramedic working in New York." Additionally, the casting call lists his name as "Malik".

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Hesam for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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