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Duncan MacLeod

First reference: Upon This Rock
"Highlander" on Wikipedia

Highlander is a movie, television, comic, and video game franchise involving immortals who fight to the death (via beheading), which results in the victor taking the power of the loser (called the quickening). The initial movie debuted in 1986, and the primary lead characters for the franchise are fellow clansmen Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod (portrayed by Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul, respectively).


Upon This Rock

Hiro intervenes to stop a purse-snatcher by yielding a large Usuba bocho knife and making the traditional Highlander victory slash to sever the strap of a woman's purse.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 1

After Hiro Nakamura mind is "scrambled up" into "fanboy soup" by Damian, he sees Highlander Duncan MacLeod ascending a staircase in his trademark black trench coat.

Memorable Quotes

"There can be only one!"

- Hiro Nakamura


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