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Sylar is sometimes paralleled to Nosferatu.

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Nosferatu is a 1922 silent horror film, formally called Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens ("Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror" in German). It features Count Orlock, also known as Nosferatu, portrayed by Max Schreck.



Isaac paints a picture of Claire running up the stairs. Tim Sale, the real-life artist of the painting, said that "it looks like Nosferatu coming to get her."


The long coat, with felt-trimmed sleeves (as originally worn by Nosferatu), is shown in a painting of Sylar. This is very similar to the costume worn in the 1922 film. Sylar, using his newly-acquired power of precognition creates a painting of a long-clawed president who somewhat resembles Nosferatu.

The Hard Part

The resemblance between Sylar's and Nosferatu's lurking habits can be seen in the painting of Sylar eavesdropping on Ted.


A clock face adorning the front of Gray and Sons shop matches the styling of a clock shown in the 1922 Nosferatu film.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Sylar embraces Elle in a sketchbook drawing, similar to Nosferatu's famous embrace of Ellen Hutter.

Graphic Novel:Puppet with No Strings

Eric Doyle remembers escaping from Pinehearst, and seeing the stalking figure of Sylar on the prowl in front of a full moon.


  • In the first draft of the pilot, Sylar was supposed to appear in an Italian prison (In His Own Image). According to Greg Beeman's blog, this version of Sylar was supposed to have long claw-like nails and sharp teeth. He was also supposed to be "way weirder and more monstrous--like Nosferatu."


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