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Brain penetration

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Brain penetration
Claire has a headache.jpg
A stick impales Claire's brain.

Brain penetration causes the abilities of regenerators to immediately cease to work.


One Giant Leap

Brody Mitchum accidentally knocks Claire Bennet in such a way that a tree branch becomes lodged in her brain. She appears dead until the medical examiner removes the branch from her brain. With the branch removed, her power rapidly restores her to health.


Sylar telekinetically lodges a shard of glass in Peter's brain. Claire removes the shard and Peter returns to life.


Peter tells Claire to shoot him in the brain, after he absorbs the nuclear ability of Ted Sprague.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Peter again tells Claire to shoot him in the brain, after begins to go nuclear in Kirby Plaza.

The Second Coming

Future Claire attempts to shoot Future Peter in the brain to stop him.

Our Father

Peter fires a bullet at Arthur, and Sylar uses his ability of telekinesis to interrupt the trajectory, question Arthur, then continue the bullet on its path. Arthur is killed as the bullet enters his brain. He does not regenerate.

Graphic Novel: Truths

As Arthur retells his death scene in his own narration, he likens his being shot and killed to that of his sons shooting a deer on a hunting trip during their youth. Unlike the episode, the graphic novel rendering of the gunshot shows his brain being blasted out the back of his head.


Claire jabs a glass shard into the back of Sylar's brain, rendering him powerless and unconscious.

Into Asylum

In order to trick Noah and others that Sylar is dead, James Martin (who has shape shifted to look like Sylar) has a large object placed in the back of his brain.

I Am Sylar

Danko stabs Sylar in the back of his head with a knife. Sylar falls to the floor, but he is soon able to get back up and pull the knife out.

An Invisible Thread

After Danko jabbed a knife in the back of Sylar's head, Sylar pulled it out. He revealed that he used his shape shifting ability to move the "sweet spot", reducing the chances of being killed.


  • Upon removal of the foreign object, even after a prolonged period of hours, the victim may revive if they held the ability of regeneration.
  • When Sylar penetrates a person's brain, it usually prohibits them from being able to use their power. This is similar to how the Highlander series made use of decapitation to stop its Immortals, and how a wooden stake in the heart is believed to stop vampires.


See Also

  • For the occurrence of ability loss without involving brain penetration, see ability loss.
  • For the occurrence of actual brain removal, see brain examination.

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