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Las Vegas (TV series)

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Las Vegas (TV series)
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Las Vegas focuses on employees of the fictional Montecito Resort and Casino.

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Las Vegas is the NBC television series that takes place in Las Vegas, NV. The show centers around the fictional Montecito Resort and Casino, similar to the Montecito Casino on Heroes.



Hiro, Ando, Nathan, and Niki all arrive at the Montecito Casino in Las Vegas. The casino/hotel resembles the casino/hotel on Las Vegas. While gambling, Hiro yells out, "Let it ride!" Las Vegas often uses the theme song "Let It Ride" by Charlie Clouser and Jon Ingoldsby.


As Nathan checks out of the facility, his receipt bears the same logo as the casino's logo on Las Vegas. Behind him, a similar logo is displayed on a window.


Hiro and Ando return to the Montecito and don uniforms that bear the familiar logo.



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