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Season: One
Episode number: 105
First aired: October 23, 2006
Written by: Michael Green
Directed by: Paul Shapiro
Previous episode: Collision
Next episode: Better Halves
When a change comes, some species feel the urge to migrate. They call it zugunruhe, a pull of the soul to a far off place. Following a scent in the wind, a star in the sky. The ancient message comes calling the kindred to take flight and gather together. Only then can they hope to survive the cruel season to come.


  • At "Future Hiro's" urging, Peter and Isaac come together and begin to formulate a plan.
  • Nathan escapes from Mr. Bennet, meets Hiro, and realizes he's been blackmailed.
  • While Claire recovers from the car accident unscathed as always, when her father becomes involved Brody isn't as fortunate.
  • As Niki looks forward after becoming free of her debt to Mr. Linderman, a new menace crops up: her estranged ex-con husband, D.L.
  • Matt uses his powers to give his wife a perfect day, but is later overwhelmed by them.
  • Hiro and Ando realize they will need each other to complete their mission.

Story Development

Janice Parkman · Fly By Night Diner · Linderman's tape · Nissan Versa · Campaign manager · Los Angeles convenience store · LVPD



In New York, NY, "Future Hiro" and Peter are still on the subway train. Hiro tells Peter that he has a message for him, but doesn't have a lot of time since he's risking a rift just being there. He tells Peter that they have to "save the cheerleader" and to go see Isaac because he'll understand. He tells Peter that when Hiro calls he needs to tell Hiro where to meet him. Hiro leaves and their train returns to normal time.

In Odessa, TX, Claire is rushed into the emergency room by the paramedics. There's blood on her, but she's otherwise fine. She looks over and sees Brody in much worse shape before she's wheeled away.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, NV, Mr. Bennet and his associate drag Nathan through a parking lot. Mr. Bennet's phone starts to ring and Nathan uses the distraction to attack the two men and take off running. He's stopped by a fence which he's unable to climb in time. They catch up to him and Nathan tells them they might as well shoot him since he's seen their faces and he will come back and kill them. Mr. Bennet isn't concerned and tells the Haitian to "put him down". Before that can happen Nathan takes off flying straight up into the clouds before jetting away.

Niki is woken up in Nathan's hotel room by Nathan's campaign manager, who forces Niki to come with him as he chastises the hotel management (who work for Mr. Linderman). Miss Sakamoto offers to let him review the security tapes with them. Niki accuses them of "doing something to her", but Sakamoto denies it. She shows Niki the tape of them in bed. She tells Niki to go home and that her debt with Mr. Linderman is paid.

Back on the train Peter tries to explain his encounter with future Hiro to Mohinder. Mohinder doesn't believe Peter. Peter tries to convince him to come back to Isaac's loft with him, but Mohinder refuses and tells Peter to "go home."

In Los Angeles, CA, Janice Parkman frantically speaks to someone on the phone. She's trying to find her husband who never came home. She walks into the living room and finds Matt waking up on the sofa. She hangs up and yells at him for being out so long. He thinks he must have drunk too much and passed out, but she tells him he was gone for a day. She tries to ask him where he was, but he can't remember. She tells him how she was worried he was dead.

Back in Nevada, a truck stops on the side of a road by a diner. The door opens and Hiro and Ando are thrown out onto the ground. The truck drives away as Ando tells them they don't know who they're messing with. Hiro brushes dirt off of Ando's suit. They walk inside the diner where Hiro wonders if they have waffles. Ando complains about having been beaten up and blames Hiro for not stopping time and getting them out of it. Hiro believes this is payback for using his powers to cheat, calling it the "Dark Side". Ando begins doubting why he came along and scoffs at Hiro's suggestion that they're there to save the world. Ando claims he's not miserable in America, he's miserable hanging out with Hiro. Hiro tells him to just go on his own if that's what he wants. Ando walks out of the diner. Hiro starts looking out the window and sees Nathan come flying into the parking lot skidding as he touches down. Nathan walks into the diner still in only his pajamas and everyone stares at him. Nathan asks if he can borrow a cell phone and asks the waitress for a t-shirt and cup of coffee. Hiro watches Nathan in awe.

Matt and his wife talk and try to understand how they're feeling about each other and the problems in their relationship. Matt tells her they're calling in sick today and to get dressed.

Hiro sits down next to Nathan and introduces himself. He calls Nathan "flying man", but Nathan claims not to know what he's talking about. Hiro promises to keep his secret and tells Nathan that he can bend time and space and teleport into the future. Nathan dismisses him. Hiro explains how he saw an explosion in New York in the future and tells Nathan that he's going to stop it. A car honks outside and Nathan starts to leave the diner. Before leaving, Nathan asks Hiro if he happens to know if he won the election. Hiro remembers seeing the newspaper in the future and tells Nathan that he does win, in a "mudslide". As Nathan is leaving, Hiro asks if he could get a ride. Nathan agrees.

Mr. Bennet comes to see Claire in her hospital room. Claire admits that she didn't actually lose control of the car but instead crashed the car on purpose. Mr. Bennet tells Claire that she needs to start trusting him. She admits that she lied about what happened at the bonfire and tells him that Brody tried to force himself on her. She apologizes for lying and tells him that she's not the only one he's done this to. He tells him he can't tell anyone and Mr. Bennet assures her that "nobody's going to know a thing."

Peter shows up at Isaac's loft, but Isaac doesn't want to see him. He's upset that Peter took Simone from him. Peter tells Isaac that he believes he can paint the future and that he's supposed to have the answer. Isaac claims not to know what Peter's talking about. Peter looks around at Isaac's painting and finally finds the one he painted of the cheerleader running away from the large shadow.

Nathan arrives back in the city and lets Hiro out of the car. Hiro returns to the garage with his rental car, but doesn't know how to drive it.

Returning to the hotel, Nathan runs into Niki and they discuss what happened the previous night. Niki claims that person wasn't her and isn't who she wants to be. Niki tells Nathan that they have a video tape from last night and will use it to blackmail him.

The Haitian "hollows out" a helpless Brody.

Matt arranges a beautiful dinner for his wife, taking advantage of his telepathy to sense what exactly it is she wants. It's so perfect that she gets suspicious and asks who "she" is, accusing him of having an affair since he was missing for a day. She says this is the best date they've had in a long time. She starts coming on to him and they begin making out.

Mr. Bennet walks into Brody's room at the hospital and pulls back the curtain. He introduces himself to Brody who threatens to sue him. Brody claims it was no accident and that Claire crashed the car on purpose. He confronts Brody about trying to rape Claire. Brody tries to deny it and Mr. Bennet says he trusts his daughter. Brody claims Mr. Bennet doesn't know his daughter and he tells him that he knows his daughter even better than she knows herself. Brody gets mad and tries to call the orderly, but Mr. Bennet stops him and tells him that Claire is very special and she doesn't need someone making things even more confusing for her than they are now. He says he should kill Brody, but instead says he's going to let Brody forget all the things he's done and wake up in a new life. He pulls back the curtain revealing his associate. He tells the man to "hollow him out" and "take everything."

Peter arranges the paintings in Isaac's loft and realizes it's telling a story like a comic. He believes all the people in the paintings are coming together to help the cheerleader. There's an unfinished painting and Peter tells Isaac that he needs to finish the painting to see what happens. Isaac tells him he's out of drugs and money to buy them. He asks Peter for money. Peter looks at the missing section of the painting and starts to envision what's supposed to be there. He tells Isaac that he can finish the painting. Peter closes his eyes and concentrates. When he reopens them, his eyes are glazed white like Isaac's are while he's painting.

Claire enters Brody's room in the hospital and tells him what he tried to do to her was wrong, but what she did to him was also wrong. Brody doesn't recognize her and can't understand why she keeps calling him Brody.

Niki returns home and is met by several police officers who are looking for D.L. An LVPD detective claims D.L. was seen at a convenience store about an hour ago. He says that they had him in custody two days ago, but he slipped out of his handcuffs. Niki asks the police for protection. A man approaches the back door and the police hide. The door opens and Ando enters only to be greeted with pistols aimed at him.

Matt's power overwhelms him.

Nathan checks out of the hotel and is asked by Miss Sakamoto if he is alright. He expresses displeasure at the security there. He asks them about the tape they made of him and Niki and she tells him that it's a favor he'll be repaying one day. She explains that if that tape got out it could be damaging to his campaign. Nathan tells her to give him his 4 million so he can return to New York. She reminds him that the agreement was 2 million. Nathan smoothly claims that Mr. Linderman must really want him in office to be going through this much trouble to ensure that he stays in line and that 4 million will get him into office.

Janice and Matt finish making love and she claims that Matt is "in her head". He asks if she wants anything and reads her mind when she thinks she wants coffee ice cream. He picks up some ice cream at a convenience store. As he's walking to the counter he starts getting a headache and asks for aspirin. Hearing the thoughts around him, he realizes someone in the store is planning to rob it. He looks around and finds the man whose thoughts he's hearing. He walks up behind him and tells him he knows why he's there and that he doesn't want to do this. He admits that he's a cop and that he's unarmed. He tells him he shouldn't do this and throw his life away for just a few 20's in the register. He reads the man's mind and starts talking about people the man cares about. The man puts down the gun and leaves. Matt picks up the gun and everyone starts thinking he's robbing the store. He tells them all that it's okay and he's a cop, but he's overwhelmed by all the thoughts of the people in the store and collapses.

Niki finds out that Ando is one of her customers. Ando found her address searching the WHOIS database for her domain. Niki tells him he shouldn't have come there. Ando thought she would help him because they talk so much online. Niki explains that the person he sees online isn't who she is. She tells the police they can let Ando go. He tells her it was nice to meet her and leaves. The police leave and tell her they'll leave a car outside in case D.L. returns. Niki walks through the house and as she leaves the room D.L. appears behind her in it.

Hiro is sitting in the back of the rental car when Ando returns. Ando suggests they try to call Isaac again.

At Isaac's loft Peter has finished the painting. The newly finished part shows the cheerleader laying in a pool of blood, the top of her head missing, in front of a shadowy man resembling Sylar. The phone rings and Isaac tells Peter to ignore it because it's just some Japanese guy who keeps calling. Peter remembers his conversation with future Hiro and answers it. Peter asks who it is and upon realizing that it's Hiro he tells him that he has a message for him.

Memorable Quotes

"Save the cheerleader, save the world."

- Future Hiro (to Peter).

"Oh! Waffles! Woo hoo!"

- Hiro Nakamura

"You bastards! You don't know who you're messing with!"

"I don't think they can hear you."

"Well it makes me feel better."

- Ando Masahashi, Hiro Nakamura.

"All right, I get it. A guy in his pajamas. Ha ha. Now we can all stare and have a good laugh or one of you can lend me your cell phone."

- Nathan Petrelli

"Up, up, and away!"

- Hiro Nakamura (to Nathan).

"Two million dollars makes me a candidate in your pocket. Four million makes me a congressman."

- Nathan Petrelli (to Miss Sakamoto).

Character Appearances


  • This is the first episode in which Simone does not appear.
  • The actual WHOIS information for is private, through DomainsByProxy. As for the site itself, it's a redirect to 9th Wonders.
  • Zugunruhe is from the German words for migration and restlessness.
  • Hiro tells Ando, "Using my powers for personal gain. That's the Dark Side." The Dark Side is the evil part of The Force, the mystical power used by the Jedi and others in Star Wars.
  • Director Paul Shapiro said in an interview that when filming Hiro and Ando, he often had no idea what was going on during the scene because everything was spoken in Japanese. In fact, during the Fly By Night scene, Paul didn't know to yell "cut" until James Kyson Lee got up and walked away.
  • At the beginning of the episode Future Hiro can be seen in the train car standing next to a man with a newspaper.
  • The graphic novel Aftermath continues one of the storylines told in Hiros. Aftermath tells what happened after Claire crashed Brody's car, but before the two were taken to the hospital.
  • The graphic novel Snapshots tells the backstory of one of the storylines told in Hiros. Snapshots tells how D.L. was incarcerated and escaped prison.
  • The scene in which Future Hiro meets Peter Petrelli on the New York subway is repeated in the graphic novel String Theory, but from Hiro's perspective.

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