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Liam Samuels

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Liam Samuels
Liam Samuels.jpg
Portrayed by Michael B. Silver
First appearance An Invisible Thread
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation White House Chief of Staff

Liam Samuels is the White House Chief of Staff to the President of the United States. He was an old friend of Nathan Petrelli; the two of them attended the same boarding school.

Character History

An Invisible Thread

Claire and Sylar (posing as Nathan) arrive at the Stanton Hotel where the President is giving a speech. They are greeted by Liam, the President's Chief of Staff. Sylar doesn't recognize him, but shakes his hand and uses his clairsentience ability to work out Liam's name. Claire does recognize him as the White House Chief of Staff though.

When the real Nathan arrives with Peter, they have the Secret Service contact Liam, who is shocked as they're supposedly there already. Peter and Nathan reveal the truth about Sylar. Liam, who is aware of the hunt for specials, is shocked to learn about him and asks if Sylar is "one of them." Nathan confirms this to Liam and finally reveals his own power of flight. While Liam is shocked, he has the Secret Service stand down and allows Peter and Nathan to go after Sylar.

After killing Nathan, Sylar assumes his form and approaches Liam in the hotel kitchen, requesting a meeting with the President. Liam says he can't give him any more time, and Sylar replies that Liam doesn't have any more time to give. Minutes later, Sylar joins the presidential entourage. Sylar, posing as Liam, tries to shake the President's hand, but it turns out to be a shape shifted Peter who tranquilizes Sylar, defeating him.


  • According to the casting call, Liam Samuels is supposed to be a Caucasian male in his late 30s. "Highly educated and extremely charismatic, Liam Samuels is Chief of Staff to the President. Think Rahm Emanuel."

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