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South Elementary School

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South Elementary School
Micahs public school.jpg
Micah sits in computer class.
Location: Henderson, NV
Purpose: Education

After being kicked out of a private school, Micah attends a public school.

Notable Staff

  • Anderson (World History teacher)
  • J. Clark (Earth Science teacher)
  • A computer teacher
  • Jones (English teacher)
  • The principal

Notable Students


Graphic Novel:Bully

Micah sits in his computer class. The teacher tells the class to open a file, and every desktop is bombarded with an injurious image of Niki in jail. Micah communicates with the computer to find out that Frank instigated the file. On the playground, Micah confronts the bully and kicks him in the groin.

One of Us, One of Them

When Micah tells his computer to cross reference information about Niki and Tracy, one of the documents that is returned in the search is Micah's report card.


  • According to Micah's report card, his school is located at 4362 Main Street in Henderson, NV.


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