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Women's Correctional Facility

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Women's Correctional Facility
Niki's jail.JPG
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: Prison

After she turns herself in, Niki is incarcerated in the Women's Correctional Facility in Las Vegas, NV.

Notable Locations

  • Conference room
  • Niki's cell
  • Padded room
  • Visitation window

Notable Employees

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors



After she turns herself in to the authorities, Niki is incarcerated in a Las Vegas jail. During her first two weeks, Jessica takes over, threatening and beating guards. Niki meets with her lawyer in the facility, and he believes she is psychotic. Later, D.L. and Micah visit, and D.L. phases through the visitation window to comfort his wife. When Niki is denied the privilege of holding her son, she gets angry, and a guard's baton is snapped in two. Niki is placed in a padded white room with no cellmate save Jessica.

The Fix

Niki stews straitjacketed inside her padded cell and is given an injection. Dr. Witherson comes to visit her and requests to visit Jessica, but is met with Niki's refusal. Later, D.L. clandestinely phases into the cell via a padded wall, and they discuss parenting practices and the possibility of breaking Niki out. Niki meets with Dr. Witherson in a separate room, and seems more open to the doctor's suggestions as she is motivated by her wish to see her son.


Niki has a session with Dr. Witherson in which a metronome is used for her to meditate. The metronome reminds Niki of childhood memories of her sister. Jessica then takes over and tasers Dr. Witherson. The guards escort Niki back to her cell. Later, Aron Malsky delivers news that Niki has been exonerated of all charges. He tells her an inmate already on death row has confessed for all the murders charged against Niki. Niki demands to remain in her padded cell, but she is denied her request.



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