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Micah's private school

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Micah's private school
Micah's School.JPG
Niki and Micah's principal discuss Micah's tuition
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: Education

Before attending a public school, Micah is kicked out of a private school located in Las Vegas, NV.

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Micah tells Niki he has spent the morning getting ready for school. Someone knocks on the door and his mother tells him to get his school things and meet her at the back door. They get in their car and escape just as Linderman's thugs break into the house.

At school, Micah is waiting outside of the principal's office reading 9th Wonders! while his mother speaks to the principal. The principal tells Niki that while Micah is intelligent, he doesn't think Micah and the school are a good fit, despite Niki saying how he's made friends and is even on the soccer team. The principal also tells her that her last three tuition payments have bounced. Niki tells him to take the money out of the $25,000 donation she had given the school to ensure that Micah got in. The principal apologizes, and says that the money has already been put towards a new wing, and it is impossible for Niki to get a refund. Niki grabs Micah and tells him that he's too good to attend the school. On the way out, she yells at her reflection in the fish tank to leave her alone.

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