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Midland Hospital

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Midland Hospital
Midland Hospital.jpg
Matt is treated at Midland Hospital.
Location: Midland, TX
Purpose: Medical facility

Midland Hospital is located in Midland, Texas. After he is shot by the police, Matt Parkman is taken there for treatment.

Notable Patients

Notable Visitors


Brother's Keeper

Peter and "Nathan" arrive at the hospital and slip into Matt's room. Nathan shuts the blinds and Peter uses his replicated power to heal Matt. Matt revives and finds himself facing the mental image of Sylar. Sylar says that he only needs one touch to get his body back. Matt yells at him, puzzling the others, and insists that Sylar is in his head, planning to use Matt's telepathy to get his body back. Matt explains that Nathan is dead and that he used his telepathy to put Nathan's memories in Sylar's body. Impatient, Sylar takes control of Matt. Sylar says that Nathan can take his hand and he'll make everything all right. Nathan starts to reach for the restrained Sylar, but then backs away. When Sylar continues to insist, Peter threatens to kill him, but Nathan uses his telekinesis to shove Peter aside. Sylar says that it's okay and that it's time to end it. As Nathan steps forward, a police officer comes in and pulls Nathan away. Nathan's hand briefly brushes Sylar's hand as he telekinetically shoves the officer away. Matt finds himself back in his own body. As he wonders where Sylar is, Nathan grabs Peter and flies out the window.


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