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Medical facility

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Medical facility
Location: Odessa, TX
Purpose: Research

Matt Parkman is kidnapped from a bar in Los Angeles, and taken to a secret medical facility at the Primatech Paper Co.

Notable Visitors



Matt Parkman awakes under the glow of ultraviolet lights, and finds he is secured to a hospital table. He is surrounded by machines, and has several sensors attached to his skull. Groggy, he finds himself face to face with Mr. Bennet, who is reading numbers off of the screen to find a "rest state".

Matt confronts Mr. Bennet, asking him why he took him and for whom he works, but Mr. Bennet doesn't provide answers. Matt tries to read his thoughts but hears only static. Mr. Bennet tells Matt that his powers won't work, "not with my friend here"; The Haitian is standing in the corner.

Mr. Bennet starts to walk away, but Matt suddenly says, "Who's Claire?", a thought he reads from Mr. Bennet. Concerned, Mr. Bennet tells The Haitian to "go deep, and clean him out". The Haitian approaches Matt, touches his necklace, and covers Matt's eyes with his hand as Matt screams.

Company Man

After examining Ted Sprague in his cell, Mr. Bennet and Thompson walk through the medical facility, where Matt Parkman is being examined by Candice Willmer.


Thompson questions Mr. Bennet about his memory loss and missing daughter. Matt reads Bennet's mind from an observation room as Candice looks on.

Graphic Novel:It Takes a Village, Part 1

The Company holds Matt Parkman in captivity in their medical facility as the Haitian has a flashback.

Memorable Quotes

"What are you FBI? CIA?"

"I'm not part of any organization that has initials."

- Matt Parkman, Mr. Bennet (in Collision)


  • As Matt tries to read Bennet's mind in the presence of the Haitian, he hears only static. Later at the the Odessa Police Department, he hears the same static as he tries to read Claire's mind.


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