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Ability replication

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Ability replication
Powers peter replicate matt.JPG
Peter touches Matt and replicates his ability.
Originally held by: Peter Petrelli (synthetic)
Absorbed by: Draph
Ability to: Replicate the abilities of other evolved humans through physical contact
Examples of ability replication

Ability replication is the ability to copy the abilities of other evolved humans through physical contact. The ability donor neither loses their ability nor feels anything when their abilities are replicated.



Peter Petrelli

By injecting himself with the genetic modification formula, Peter acquired an ability which allows him to replicate the abilities of other evolved humans by physically touching them. He first demonstrated the ability when he grabbed and flew his brother Nathan from the burning Pinehearst facility (Dual). He has mimicked Mohinder's enhanced strength by touching him on the Flight 195 aircraft (A Clear and Present Danger). He later did the same thing with Tracy Strauss. Soon thereafter, he suddenly manifested her ability, causing the side of the plane to freeze off, taking down the plane.

His ability has been shown to work through clothing (as with Nathan's shirt and Matt's jacket).

Peter has been shown to manifest abilities by accident (as with Tracy and Emma) and with intent (as with Mohinder).

Peter can replicate an ability more than once, as shown by the fact that he's replicated flight six times (as of Brave New World), thrice from Nathan, twice from Sylar and once from West Rosen. This was also proven by how he replicated Mohinder's enhanced strength twice and Matt's telepathy twice. He only needs to touch the person each time if he has replicated another ability in between uses.

Peter can currently only hold one ability at a time, losing access to his previous ability once he absorbs a new one. He also appears to know the limitations of his ability. He has been shown to replicate abilities with ease and in an extremely short amount of time, as shown when he quickly absorbed Nathan's flight and flew off within seconds (Trust and Blood) and when he took Hiro's space-time manipulation and teleported a short time after to Washington, DC, although his teleportation was a little off due to being out of practice, though he seemed to quickly fix that problem (Tabula Rasa). Also, when Peter replicated telepathy from Matt Parkman, both times he showed more advanced control over it then when he initially had it with his old powers: he is able to use it as a form of persuasion the first time and the second time use it to enter Sylar's mind in an attempt to free him. While Peter had displayed the persuasion part of the power once after Matt tried to use it on him when he initially had it before his father stole his powers, Peter never displayed the ability to enter others' minds before. (Exposed, The Art of Deception)

This ability seems to be dependent on his hands, and he seems to be able to take only one ability at a time even with someone with multiple abilities like Sylar. Peter has replicated shape shifting and flight from Sylar on separate occasions, but discarded both without showing signs of other replicated abilities. However, by the time Peter replicated flight he could control which ability he took from Sylar.

Peter has learned to control his ability since A Clear and Present Danger, as he chose not to replicate telepathy from Matt when he saved him from Danko's team as that would result in flight being lost (Cold Wars). It has been said that "Peter's gotten better at his touch. He can now pick and choose who he gets it from. It just took some time and effort to get it under control". He also demonstrated this when he flew Angela multiple times and didn't replicate her ability.

He later replicates telepathy in order to have two telepaths enter Building 26, but noticeably loses flight. When he falls off a building, the only reason he survives is Nathan flies in and saves him and he later takes flight as his power again by hugging Nathan (Exposed). He held onto that power for some time as it seemed to be his preferred one as a fugitive. He later used shape shifting and posed as the President in order to capture Sylar. It's unknown if Peter replicated all of Sylar's abilities, or just shape shifting, but it seems likely it was the only one he got as he discarded it (An Invisible Thread).

At some point between An Invisible Thread and Orientation, Peter replicates enhanced strength from Mohinder Suresh again and used it to save lives. He showed great control over it, using it to increase his jumping distance and rip off the door of a truck to rescue captured people. (Orientation)

In Jump, Push, Fall, Peter replicates super speed from a man named Edgar and displays considerable control over the power immediately. He shows enough control to speed-battle Edgar and win, which is something he was unable to do with Future Daphne the last time he had it. He reveals the only reason he helped Noah was because he wanted that power in order to help save more lives. He is able to run to Boston and back with food that's still warm when his partner eats it. He is also able to run across New York City in seconds to reach a call which turns out to be a badly injured Noah Bennet.

Later, when Peter rescued Emma from an oncoming bus, he accidentally replicated her ability. It happened either when he saved her or when he kept grabbing her to gain her attention, but like with Tracy, he didn't do it on purpose. Peter later used it to play a song on a piano with Emma. (Hysterical Blindness)

When Peter decided to look for a healer for Hiro, he replicated space-time manipulation in order to get where he needed to go quickly. Peter was then able to teleport to Noah's apartment, but since he hadn't teleported in a while, Peter ended up in the bathroom by mistake. He was then able to teleport himself and Noah to Georgia to find Jeremy Greer, teleporting without any problems this time and ending up right in front of Jeremy's house while only using the address to guide him. Peter was also able to teleport directly in between Noah and Jeremy, displaying precise control over the teleportation aspect and was able to stop time when a startled Jeremy shot at him. Unfortunately he was hit anyway (he was at point-blank range), but it broke his concentration causing time to resume and allowing Jeremy to heal him. Later, Peter takes Jeremy's ability, losing space-time manipulation, and thus his ability to teleport forcing him to return home via plane. (Tabula Rasa)

Peter begins using his new ability in his job as a paramedic, however while he is able to put it to good use; using it so much exhausts him, especially after using it to mostly heal serious injuries caused by a train crash. He apparently doesn't heal them all the way, probably to avoid suspicion, but he heals the most serious injuries such as one man's paralysis (while not healing a minor head wound) and most of one man's burns, which stabilizes his very unstable condition (Shadowboxing). He is also later able to heal Matt of his gunshot wounds, saving his life and later replicates flight from Sylar (who is posed as Nathan) to keep up with him in case he runs. Sylar (as Nathan) flies away to Peter's apartment and Peter uses flight to follow him there. (Brother's Keeper)

In order to chase down Sylar, Peter replicates mental manipulation from René in order to face him. He fights Sylar who catches him off guard at first by shape shifting into Nurse Hammer, but Peter catches him by surprise by using mental manipulation to block Sylar's powers as he didn't expect that, allowing Peter to beat him in a physical fight. He pins Sylar to the table with a nail gun and uses the power to help Nathan regain control over Sylar's body. However, Nathan can't hold control forever and after saying his goodbyes, throws himself off a roof and turns back into Sylar as he falls. Sylar regenerates as he's far enough from Peter not to be blocked and leaves (The Fifth Stage). Peter later displays the rendering unconscious part of this ability which he uses to render unconscious a police officer and likely a gunman. He also inadvertently blocks Claire when she cuts herself and offers to "shut off" mental manipulation so she can heal, but Claire has him keep blocking her so she can actually feel pain and be injured (albeit a minor cut) for the first time in a long time. (Let It Bleed)

After being shot, Peter convinces Claire to let him take her ability and she finally does. Afterwards, he regenerates from his gunshot wound and initially decides to keep the ability, but later has Claire call West Rosen over and Peter replicates flight again from West and later flies off the roof of his apartment. (Let It Bleed)

After learning of Angela's dream where Emma is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people and Peter can't help her but someone she won't identify can, Peter replicates precognitive dreaming from her, discarding flight in the process in order to see what she means for himself. Later that night, Peter has a dream in which Emma is sitting in the Carnival's House of Mirrors playing her cello while crying and clearly upset with people screaming in the background. Sylar suddenly arrives and offers his help, which causes Emma to smile as the dream ends. As a result of this dream, Peter destroys Emma's cello in an attempt to change the future (Close to You). Peter later has a similar dream, which causes him to seek out Sylar to save Emma. This dream shows people running from the effects of what Emma is doing and it also shows Eric Doyle in close proximity to Emma, controlling her actions (The Art of Deception). This results from the changes Peter made when he got the first dream: due to his warning, Emma no longer willingly goes along with Samuel's plans and is thus controlled as shown in the second dream while this wasn't shown in the first. (Brave New World).

Peter visits Matt Parkman as he learns from his mother that Sylar is at Matt's home. Once there Peter shakes hands with Matt and replicates telepathy again from him, discarding precognitive dreaming in the process. Peter immediately reads Matt's mind, a feat he is able to do as Matt isn't aware of his actions and thus doesn't block him, and learns that Sylar is at the house. After learning that Sylar has been trapped in his own nightmare, Peter goes to Sylar's prison in Matt's basement, and against Matt's pleas and warnings that he might get trapped in Sylar's mind too, uses telepathy to enter Sylar's mind to try to free him from the nightmare (The Art of Deception). In Sylar's mind, Peter finds him and eventually convinces him of the truth before trying to pull them out, but is unable to succeed. After a month trapped in Sylar's nightmare, the two find a wall that's exactly the same as the one in Matt's basement and realize they have to break through it to free themselves. Peter spends a long time trying to break through by himself, but the wall proves impenetrable and Sylar eventually joins him. Despite their best efforts for years, the two fail to break through until Peter finally accepts that Sylar has changed. When that happens, the wall immediately crumbles under their sledgehammer blows and Peter and Sylar finally free themselves from the nightmare. Once free, the two learn that while it seemed they were trapped in Sylar's mind for years, it was only half a day at most in reality (The Wall). Later, Peter is able to use telepathy to read an unconscious Eli's mind and learn Samuel's plans to kill thousands of people in Central Park (Brave New World).

Peter later replicates flight again from Sylar and uses it to tackle Samuel after which he replicates terrakinesis from Samuel in order to battle him. Peter and Samuel hold a terrakinetic battle in which Peter holds his own against Samuel until Hiro teleports the carnies away, stripping Samuel of all of his extra power. Before that happens, the two are evenly matched and fight to a draw. Peter also displayed the extra power Samuel had when surrounded by people with abilities when battling Samuel and loses that extra power too. (Brave New World)

Sometime in 2011, Peter replicates flight from Sylar and uses it to enter Claire's bedroom with him. He was also shown to have later replicated invisibility when giving a speech to the world about the Evo Registration Act, disappearing after doing so. When Peter discovers that Claire is being held captive on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Peter replicates telekinesis from Morgan Perdue, an evo who the Petrelli Movement saved. Peter uses telekinesis to propel himself across the ocean and onto the ship, as well as to throw guards overboard and to destroy the firing mechanisms of several guns. Peter later replicates invisibility again from Claude Rains to hide Hammer and several other evos from a lynch mob in Monaco.


Draph used several of his abilities acquired through ability replication to protect the Davis brothers and Chris (Slow Burn). In that fight, Draph demonstrated telekinesis, telepathy, and phoenix mimicry. However, Draph did not demonstrate his ability replication itself during the brawl. Interestingly, Draph's type of ability replication seems to be different from Peter's. While Peter can hold on to only one ability at a time, Draph had demonstrated using three different abilities in chapter 6 of Slow Burn.

Replicated Abilities

Peter Petrelli

Abilities Used

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Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"I saw you on the plane, I don't care how many powers you have."

"One. I don't know why. I can only hang onto one at a time. If I pick up a new one, I lose the old one."

- Tracy, Peter (Trust and Blood)

"Hey, what are you doing? What is that?"

"I just borrowed your power."

- Matt, Peter (Exposed)

"I love doing that!"

-Peter (to Matt) (Exposed)

"Bet you didn't think I took that one from you."

- Peter (to Sylar) (An Invisible Thread)

"In my line of work it helps to be strong, agile... Thank you Dr. Suresh."

- Peter (to Noah) (Jump, Push, Fall)

"You crazy mimics, always coming up with new abilities. Never know what you'll do next."

- Josh (to Draph) (Slow Burn)

"You seem to have found my power."

"Funny how that works."

- Samuel and Peter (Brave New World)


  • Some have found similarities between Peter's first ability of empathic mimicry and his current ability. Indeed, both abilities allow Peter to absorb abilities from those around him, and neither ability has a negative effect on the person from whom the ability is absorbed. However, there are notable differences between the two abilities. With empathic mimicry, Peter would simply have to remember an evolved human's ability and who they are in order to gain their ability, though he was apparently able to bypass this restriction as his ability evolved. With his new ability, Peter seems to have to make physical contact with the other person.
  • Peter is controlling this ability unlike his former one. He can now decide whether he'll borrow someone's ability or not while touching an evolved human, though this control is not perfect.
  • When Peter replicated Hiro's ability, the glow on his hand was blue instead of the usual bright orange. The glow was also more discreet. (Tabula Rasa) However, his replications since then haven't displayed this discreet glow and have the usual one.
  • Peter seems to have some control over which ability he takes from a person: he was able to replicate flight on purpose from Sylar despite Sylar having multiple abilities (Brother's Keeper). It is unclear, however, whether or not he replicated shape shifting from Sylar on purpose during An Invisible Thread.
  • Ever since getting this power, Peter has been smarter with the abilities he uses, taking only ones that fit the situation. For example, flight while he was on the run from the government, enhanced strength, super speed and healing touch while saving lives as a paramedic, mental manipulation when facing Sylar and his many powers as well as flight and terrakinesis when facing Samuel Sullivan. Peter chose to replicate telekinesis when rescuing Claire from the Charles Darwin, since he could use it to propel himself across the ocean, dispatch guards and easily break into guarded areas.
  • Peter displays substantial control over the abilities he replicates, even ones he hasn't used before such as shape shifting, mental manipulation and terrakinesis.
  • Passive abilities like regeneration, also can be replicated, as shown when Peter replicated Claire's power and regenerated from a gunshot wound to the shoulder (Let It Bleed).
  • When Peter replicates an ability, he manifests the version that the person from whom he's replicating displays. For example, he manifests West Rosen's floating version of flight when he copies it from him, and Samuel's enhanced version of terrakinesis after replicating that from him.
  • According to Draph's Heroes Survival Account, Draph's ability evolved from being able to hold one ability at a time, like Peter's, and can hold on to a maximum of five abilities.
  • Tommy Clark's manifestation of ability absorption is a cross between Peter's ability and Arthur Petrelli's ability: according to Hiro Nakamura Tommy can only keep one power at a time like Peter's ability. However, the donor loses their ability in the process, like Arthur's ability.

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