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The Company's hospital

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The Company's hospital
Niki unleashes her power at the hospital.
Location: Primatech Research
Hartsdale, NY
Purpose: Medical

The Company's hospital is located in Primatech Research in Hartsdale, NY.

Notable Employees

Notable Locations

  • Infirmary

Notable Patients

Notable Visitors


Fight or Flight

At the hospital, Bob tells Mohinder that he made the right choice to bring in Molly. Bob gives Mohinder another assignment to find another person, and hands him a taser. Bob explains that most aren't in control of their abilities, and Niki suddenly bursts in, throwing Mohinder against a wall and then chokes Bob. Mohinder tases her to stop her choking Bob.

Bob watches over Niki, and he tells her Multiple Personality Disorder is difficult, but he'll help her. Mohinder watches over her, and after Bob leaves the room, tries to let her go. She tells Mohinder that she came here on her own to get help because no one can help her except the Company.

The Line

Mohinder comes up to Monica with a syringe with the new variant of the virus, telling Monica it's standard procedure. She tells him she doesn't "do needles", but he promises her that it's the last step in her training before they let her go home. She winces and turns away, but Mohinder decides against it and bursts in on Bob. He tells Bob that he won't inject Monica. Bob tells him that they'll find someone else to do it, and there's plenty more of the virus left. Mohinder throws a stool at a storage cabinet full of vials and tells Bob that he's taking Molly and leaving the Company.

Mohinder finds Molly still in a coma, and Bob comes to apologize to Mohinder. Bob explains that he has been with the Company for thirty years, and they have made many difficult decisions, some of which he still regrets. Bob explains that in dealing with a dangerous individual, he made a poor decision in forcing Mohinder to give Monica the virus. Mohinder remembers the file with Adam Monroe's name written on it, and Bob agrees. Bob explains that Mohinder is with the Company not just for his research or his blood, but to keep them in line. Mohinder notes that Molly is not ready to leave, and that he does not trust Bob at all, and Bob explains that he has someone who will help with Mohinder's trust issues.

Mohinder is greeted by Niki, who tells him that she feels much better, and that she has been assigned to be his partner. She explains that Bob and Mohinder have trust issues, and she is there to ensure that there aren't any problems.

Out of Time

While Mohinder is at Molly's bedside, he receives a call from Noah Bennet. Noah asks him if the company has given him a gun. Mohinder tells him he doesn't have a gun. When Mr. Bennet tells him he's going to forward pictures of the paintings to him, Mohinder protests, and tells him his partner is keeping watching on him. He tells Noah that he is unsure of his motives. Niki shows up and Mohinder hangs up, while Mr. Bennet burns the paintings.

Matt is at Molly's bedside, apologizing to her for putting her into the condition she is in. He lets her know that he blames himself for his father leaving. When he tells Molly he loves her, her monitors beep. Matt uses his ability to project "I love you Molly" into the girl's mind. Meanwhile, Mohinder and Niki go to get a sample of the virus. Niki attempts to show Mohinder that what Bob has told him to do is the right choice. He nods and walks around the corner. Niki turns around to see D.L. standing behind her. He calls her a killer, telling her she will never have a life. When Mohinder returns, there is no D.L. and the two walk off as Maury comes out of a room behind them.

Maury watches as Niki and Mohinder obtain samples of the virus. Again, Niki sees D.L. who argues with her about her involvement in the company. Mohinder sees her talking to herself. Niki watches Bob shoot D.L. who tells Niki that she has to kill Bob. Mohinder becomes concerned as Niki continues to talk with herself and support a figure that isn't there. Niki punches Mohinder and sends him across the room. She grabs a syringe and walks out the door.

Matt hears noises and heads out to investigate, only to find himself in his childhood home where he sees Molly at the table. She explains they are in Maury's nightmare. Matt is able to pull his father into the nightmare with him and Molly. Maury and Matt argue, and Matt tells his father he thinks he can trap him in the nightmare he has created. He tells Maury he isn't scared of him anymore. He says he's a good man, a good cop and a good father, more than his father could have been, and, with Molly, leaves the nightmare. Matt wakes up to find Maury lying on the floor. Molly then wakes up and tells Matt she heard that he loves her.

Mohinder tries to use his blood to help Niki. He finds that his antibodies cannot cure her.

Cautionary Tales

Noah, shot in the eye, receives a blood transfusion and regenerates with a start.

Truth & Consequences

Noah Bennet lies dead on a table with blood being transferred into his arm. His eye beings to heal and he springs up from the bed, gasping, only to fall back onto his back to see the blood that is being transferred into him. Mohinder arrives, and tells Noah he had no choice but to shoot him. Mohinder explains that he used Claire's blood to save his life. Removing the blood, Mohinder tells Noah that it has the properties of regeneration, and will help him save a woman from the virus. Noah tells him that it's all a lie, that the Company made the virus and has been experimenting with it for thirty years.

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 2

Donna awakens shackled in handcuffs to a bed in the infirmary of the Company's hospital. Next to Donna is Mr. Bennet, who is shackled to his own bed and tries to warn her of the Company's darker side. Then Felicia enters the infirmary and takes Donna away to see Bob.

Dying of the Light

Sylar and Peter visit Angela, who lies in coma. Peter looks into her mind and sees a double helix, which Sylar recognizes as the logo of Pinehearst Company. Peter decides to go there immediately, but Sylar objects, saying that Peter isn't ready. Peter gets angry and flies Sylar into the wall. Sylar throws him away with telekinesis, but Peter blasts him with lightning and punches him repeatedly.


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