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Millie Houston

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Millie Houston
Portrayed by Swoosie Kurtz
First appearance Cold Snap
In-story stats
Known ability None
Child Kelly Houston (deceased)

Millie Houston is an old friend of Angela Petrelli.

Character History

Cold Snap

Millie is sitting in a restaurant, reading a book, when Angela walks in. She makes a comment about Angela being late and then looks up from her book to look at Angela. When she does so, Millie tells Angela that she looks like she has been mugged and her dignity was the first thing to be taken. Angela responds by saying that she has been having a bad day. To this Millie response by telling Angela that she was detained by men with badges, and that they were questioning her about the company that she might or might not have kept. Angela tells Millie that she is in trouble, to which Millie response by saying that she (and others) knew that she has not been the same since Arthur has died. Millie continues by asking, "What did you do?" In response, Angela tells Millie that she is just trying to get her sons out of the trouble that she placed them in. Angela goes on to tell Millie that she needs some clothes, a car and whatever cash Millie has so that she can disappear. Millie tells Angela that she should give herself over to the authorities and just stop running. Angela tells Millie that she is sorry to have bothered her and that it was good to see her; she then gets up to leave. Millie tells Angela to wait and gives her a couple hundred dollars. Angela tells Millie to enjoy her lunch, steals Millie's umbrella and then leaves.


"Nathan" comes to see Millie and asks if she knows anything about the disappearance of her daughter, Kelly Houston. Millie admits she thought Nathan may have been involved and hired a private investigator, who confirmed that Millie bought tickets to London and picked up her luggage using a claim ticket at Heathrow. Millie admits she was an inattentive mother and Kelly grew up to be a spiteful child as a result. She invites "Nathan" to find his own way out.

Later, "Nathan" returns and tells her that he has remembered that he was involved in Kelly's accidental death in the pool. Millie seemingly believes that he's playing some sick game and tells him to go away.

Subsequently, Millie meets Angela for dinner. She tells Angela what "Nathan" told her and Angela apologizes for her son, saying he hasn't been himself recently. Millie receives a call from her hired assassin, who has abducted who they believe to be Nathan, taken him out into the woods, and killed and buried him. Millie offers a toast for "closure."


  • In writer Bryan Fuller's 2003-2004 series Dead Like Me, the protagonist's alter ego was also called "Millie".
  • Millie has only appeared in episodes written by Bryan Fuller, probably due to the friendship between Fuller and Swoosie Kurtz, who portrays Millie.

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Millie Houston for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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