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The Angry Skunk Bar

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The Angry Skunk Bar
Specials for hire bar.jpg
Location: California
Purpose: Bar

Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a bar named the Angry Skunk.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Angels and Monsters

Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a "specials for hire" bar and says that this is the place where persons with special abilities can be hired. The bartender, Milosh, is angry at Adam for having an affair with his wife. He throws a punch at Adam and knocks out Hiro by mistake, then chases Adam out of the bar. Ando tries to revive Hiro without success, letting Adam get away.

Hiro and Ando are drinking at the bar and Hiro insists they can't lose heart; the world is depending on them. Ando comments that it can't get any worse. Just then, Daphne and Knox enter the bar. They want to offer Hiro a job. Hiro says they're bad asses and wants to sign up. Daphne says that it isn't that easy and that he has to prove himself. Knox takes a sword from the wall, gives it to Hiro, and says he has to kill Ando. Hiro takes the sword, apologizes to Ando (noting some sacrifices have to be made), and thrusts the sword into his friend's chest.

Dying of the Light

However, Hiro stops time, and teleports to a Japanese novelty store. He teleports back to the Angry Skunk Bar two hours earlier, and tells Ando that he will fake stab him a few hours later without much further explanation. Ando hides the packages of fake blood in his shirt, and Hiro teleports back to the current time. Hiro stabs Ando, and he falls to the floor, seemingly dead. Knox says that Hiro is "in," and walks out. Daphne, shocked and enraged that Hiro would do something like that, says that he is supposed to be a hero. Hiro, however, says that he is now a villain like her. Daphne hands Hiro a folder with an assignment in it. Opening it up, Hiro sees a picture of Usutu. Daphne explains that he's a "precog" that lives in Africa. Daphne uses her supersonic speed to run away, and Ando sits up. Hiro tells Ando that he now knows what it feels like to be killed by his best friend, and they teleport away.

Graphic Novel:Libertad

Misha is talking to Harmon outside of the Angry Skunk Bar about the disappearances of evolved humans. A waitress, Angie, comes in late for her shift and Misha yells at her. He follows her inside and takes a seat a table where another trafficker introduces him to Maya. Misha offers her one for $7,000 if she knows tricks. Maya states that she doesn't know any tricks, not anymore. Misha can't believe people without abilities are being hunted. As Angie serves them drinks, Maya knocks over the tray and states she's only paying $4,000. Misha then reveals he knows some tricks too.

Later, Harmon shows Angie, Maya, Misha and the trafficker a message sent by Rebel calling for them to "rebel & be saved". Misha and Angie can't trust Rebel, but Maya was led to the bar by Rebel and the trafficker gets his fake ID's from Rebel. They both trust him. During the discussion, Rebel's message from Harmon's card appears on the television, causing the group to rally behind him.

Danko's team use a helicopter and land on the roof of the bar after beating Misha and the trafficker to learn of Rebel's plans. Harmon, Maya and Angie escape before the team can capture them.


  • In Libertad, the bar is shown advertised by a sign that just reads "Angry Skunk". However, in Dying of the Light, the bar's name is shown in screentext as "The Angry Skunk Bar".


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