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Trafficking crew

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Trafficking crew
Trafficking crew.jpg
The crew discusses the identity of Rebel.
Location: California
Purpose: Trafficking evolved humans
First appearance Libertad
Known leaders: Misha,
Known members: Angie,
Maya Herrera
Affiliated sites: Angry Skunk bar
Equipment used: Their abilities, cell phones, spray cans

A trafficking crew traffics evolved humans to safety.


Graphic Novel:Libertad

Misha and the trafficker talk with Maya, offering to give her a new identity for $7,000. Misha questions why she is being hunted if she does no "tricks", and she says they don't care. Harmon is approached by a man and given a pamphlet that says "Rebel and be saved". He brings it to a meeting of the crew, which Angie, Misha, the trafficker, and Maya attend. They question whether or not they can trust Rebel, and the trafficker mentions Rebel is the one who gives him the fake ID's. A message comes up on the television, repeating the message on the card. They decide to band together and resist the people hunting them.

However, Misha and the trafficker are captured, and tortured into giving up the location of the others. Rebel warns them, and they escape, and Harmon insists they can still fight back, but Angie leaves, saying they can trust no one, and Maya tells him to get away and hide. They all flee in separate directions, ending their chance to fight back before it began.

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