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Season: Reborn
Episode number: 502
First aired: September 24, 2015
Odessa episode.jpg
Written by: Peter Elkoff
Directed by: Greg Beeman
Previous episode: Brave New World
Next episode: Under the Mask


Story Development

Austin Police Department · Mauricio Chavez · Don · Hachiro Otomo · Taylor Kravid · Hotel Dean · Francis Culp · St. Francis · Project Epic


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In a bathroom in Dallas, Noah Bennet frantically washes the Haitian's blood off of his hands. Looking up into the mirror, he repeatedly flashes back to the fight with the Haitian.

At Pinehearst High School, Tommy Clark shows Emily Duval his powers in a shed, vanishing a flower she is holding. Unbeknownst to either of them, Emily's boyfriend is watching the demonstration from the window. Later, Brad blackmails him into using it on his abusive stepfather. Ultimately, Tommy leaves without doing it, and the mysterious man with the suitcase uses his hypnotic power to accomplish the task behind Tommy's back.

Noah bails Quentin Frady out of jail in order to find out what he knows, explaining that the Primatech building had been cleared out and that his memory is still gone. Needing answers and to find Molly Walker, an evo who can find anyone in the world, Noah and Quentin head to Odessa to investigate Primatech's old headquarters. They find Noah’s old files and that the facility is operational thanks to Renautas.

Beneath them on Level 5 are Luke and Joanne, who manage to break out of their cell and find Renautas' mission control and kill everyone. Luke and Joanne make it to the surface, shoot Quentin in the arm and steal their car, which contained all of Noah’s old files from his days at Primatech. By the time Noah makes it down to Level 5, everyone is dead, save one of his old associates who tells him about Renautas' new technology E.P.I.C, which is set to go online in Midian, Colorado, tomorrow and is powered by Molly Walker’s powers. Two of Renautas’ agents apprehend Molly Walker in New York.

At first, Carlos Gutierrez is reluctant to take up the mantle of El Vengador and is still grieving over his brother's death. Then he finds out his brother's death was a set-up by a corrupt policeman, Captain Dearing. He also talks with the local priest, Father Mauricio, who reveals his power of turning into smoke and is running an underground railroad for escaping evos with Oscar.

Under the alias "Zoe," Molly Walker enters the Hotel Dean and watches as a player, Francis continues his winning streak at craps. Molly approaches Francis and acts as his lucky charm, continuously blowing on his dice until the two decide to cash out and leave. In his room, Molly attacks Francis, forcing him to show his telekinetic power. Molly demands his winnings in exchange for her silence, but is instead attacked and dragged into the hallway where Francis chokes her. A hotel guest intervenes and Molly is able to escape with a woman named Taylor. At the bar Taylor listens as Molly reveals her desperate need for money. Taylor offers to write her a check as she has more money than she needs, being a "trust fund baby". Molly later awakes back in the craps player, Francis's hotel room as Taylor reveals herself to be in a partnership with him. Taylor and Francis then reveal that they know "Zoe" is in fact Molly Walker.

Inside the game, Miko, as Katana Girl, easily takes out most of the goons holding her father captive. As she and Ren, who is using his avatar to help from the real world, play through the game, they realize that it is a universe that runs parallel to the real world. She figures out that her father is being held in Yamagato Tower, and she travels there in the game. But, when she ejects from the game, she's in the lobby real Yamagato Tower and about to face off against the guards, who are all stunned that she appeared out of nowhere.

Character Appearances


  • The two-hour television premiere of Heroes Reborn (including Brave New World and Odessa) was viewed by 6 million viewers, and received a 1.9 rating among adults 18–49. (source)
  • Odessa is the only episode in Heroes and Heroes Reborn that did not print its title onscreen. (However, by all accounts, Odessa is considered a second part of Brave New World and aired at the same time as that episode.)
  • The onscreen title card is available on the digital version of the episode.
  • In the office at Primatech, Noah and Quentin see a bookshelf and pull out several books. Some people have made connections between the book titles and characters in the world of Heroes. The books' titles are Haitian Voodoo (the Haitian), The Invisible Man (Claude Rains), Finding Yourself (Molly Walker), and Pennies from Heaven (Caspar Abraham).

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