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Ability extension

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Ability extension
Hiro Ando teleport.jpg
Hiro touches Ando and they both teleport.

Ability extension is the ability to extend one's ability outside of their own body. Ordinarily, the power is extended to another individual or object simply by placing a hand on the other person or thing.

Known Abilities

The following abilities have been extended beyond the holder of the ability:

Elemental control


Mass manipulation

Mist mimicry


Shape shifting

Space-time manipulation

Super speed



  • While Matt is inside Angela's mind, Daphne touches him and also enters Angela's vision (It's Coming).
  • While Peter is inside Sylar's mind, he touches him and attempts to pull them both out of the nightmare they are trapped in, but is unable to succeed due to the way the trap is set up. (The Wall)


  • All the clothing and jewelry of the evolved humans seem to be affected by the extended abilities as well. For example, D.L.'s wedding band phases through the glass of a car window with his hand, and Claude's clothes turn invisible.
  • Due to Peter's ability of empathic mimicry, it is unknown if other abilities are extended upon him, or if he is mimicking the ability simultaneously. For example, Peter is not affected by Future Hiro or Hiro stopping time (Collision, Truth & Consequences). Sylar was also able to extend phasing to pull Peter through a wall (Five Years Gone).
  • Adam and Claire's ability of rapid cell regeneration allows for their blood to heal others, including Nathan from massive radiation scarring (Four Months Ago...), and Noah's eye to regrow and him recovering from death (Cautionary Tales).
  • Some abilities are not extended due to the nature of the ability. For example, flight does not enable another person to fly simply by touch. Instead, the ability's carrier must physically hold the individual using his/her own strength (Cautionary Tales, Powerless).
  • Claude's assignment tracker profile specifically mentions his ability extension: "[Claude] is able to extend his ability to objects and people outside of himself by making physical contact with them while he is invisible. His ability allows him to see what would otherwise be invisible to the average person."
  • There seems to be a limit as to how large an object can be affected. Claude can cause poles to become invisible but when he touched things like doors or walls they stay visible. It's also possible that Claude simply chooses not to extend his ability to such objects. Likewise, a goateed invisible man was able to make his clothes invisible, but he didn't make a fire extinguisher invisible (though he was trying to sneak up on somebody).




Smoke mimicry

Space-time manipulation

Super speed


See also

  • For the similar phenomenon of extending the extraordinary properties of one's own blood to another, see blood recipients.

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