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Mohinder's sedative

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Mohinder's sedative
Mohinders sedative.jpg

First mentioned: Close to You
Owned by: Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital
Current status: Ingested by Ando

Mohinder is given a sedative that is used to sedate and dull his strength while he is locked up in Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital. While attempting to rescue Mohinder, Ando accidentally swallows a dose of the sedative.


Close to You

In the patients' ward, Ando talks with Hiro and apologizes for misjudging him. Hiro manages to explain that Mohinder has been drugged to negate his strength. Ando tells Hiro that he'll take over, and then goes to the medication cart and replaces Mohinder's medication with aspirin. When the orderly catches him, Ando claims that he's work in a cart factory and was admiring the cart. The orderly, Buck, offers to shake hands and Ando hastily sneezes and puts the pill in his mouth to cover it up. As the orderly leaves, he slaps Ando on the back, causing him to swallow the sedative. After he takes the sedative, Hiro says that it's nap time for Sancho. Indeed, Ando passes out and is in an altered state for a short time thereafter. He appears both elated and dazed. A little while later, he regains his faculties and uses his supercharging without any trouble.

Memorable Quotes

"Its like swimming, but inside out! I'm swimming!"

- Ando (about Mohinder's medication) (Close to You)


  • The name of the drug used was never clarified in the episode, although Hiro refers to it as "Jawa Juice", a fan reference to Star Wars. Hiro also refers to the drugs as "absinthe".

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