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Nathan gamble tequila drinks.jpg
Nathan pounds tequila shots in a drinking contest.

First mentioned: Genesis

Alcohol is often consumed by people on Heroes.


Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Alcohol: Season One History.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Alcohol: Season Two History.

I Am Become Death

After Nathan saves Tracy, they share a drink in Tracy's apartment. Tracy demonstrates her ability to freeze things by freezing her glass and the alcohol inside of it.

Angels and Monsters

Adam takes Hiro and Ando to The Angry Skunk Bar. Adam insists on having a drink, as he has not had one in months.

After Adam manages to escape from Hiro and Ando, they drown their sorrows in alcohol as Daphne and Knox approach them.

Dying of the Light

Arthur enjoys a drink at Pinehearst as "the bad guys" arrive.

Shades of Gray

At a Manhattan restaurant, Angela drinks a glass of white wine with her oysters.

Cold Snap

At a Manhattan restaurant, Millie drinks a glass of white wine.

Into Asylum

At a Mexican Cantina, Nathan tries to out-drink some college students drinking tequila to win more money for their life there, claiming he was the best at it at the naval academy. When Nathan loses and passes out, Claire decides to continue the game, eventually winning due to her regeneration speeding her recovery and healing the damage from the alcohol.

An Invisible Thread

Sylar forces Claire to share a glass of wine with him.


Tadashi says he had too much sake and copied his butt.

Millie has a drink when "Nathan" visits her house.

Governor Malden asks Tracy if she wants her favorite drink, a Cosmo.

Strange Attractors

Matt Parkman believes that beer and harder liquors dilute the effect of Sylar's psyche on himself. After blacking out from having too much alcohol, Sylar is able to slip into Matt's consciousness and take control of his body.

Brother's Keeper

Samuel is drinking from a bottle of bourbon when Joseph sends him away so he can speak to Mohinder.


"Nathan" wakes up in Peter's apartment with an empty bottle of alcohol in his hands.

Several families, including the Petrellis and the Bennets drink wine with their Thanksgiving dinners.

Close to You

After returning from an unsuccessful trip to capture Samuel, Noah takes a swig of beer in his apartment.

Brave New World

Carlos Gutierrez gives a speech at Linderman Junior High School while under the influence of alcohol. He pours it into his soda can. He later buys alcohol from a liquor store.


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Under the Mask

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