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First mentioned: Parasite
Owned by: Mohinder

Curare is a drug given by Mohinder to Sylar to prevent him from using his powers.



At his apartment, Mohinder gives Sylar drugged chai after realizing that he's not Zane Taylor. After Sylar wakes up bound to a chair, Mohinder explains that he's giving him curare intravenously, to induce "paralysis of the brain" and prevent him from using his powers. Unbeknownst to Mohinder, Sylar telekinetically turns off the IV drip.


  • Curare is a brain paralytic. Specifically, it is used as a non-depolarizing muscle relaxant because it blocks one of the receptors on the post synaptic membrane of the neuromuscular junction.
  • Curare can be extracted from the plants Strychnos toxifera and Chondrodendron tomentosum.
  • In Heroes Unmasked, Zachary Quinto explains that the reason Sylar is able to use his powers despite the brain paralytic is because he keeps a reserve of powers locked away.

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