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Mrs. Millbrook

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Mrs. Millbrook
First appearance The Caged Bird, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death September 2006
Home Lawrence, KS
Residence Corn farm in Kansas
Significant other Mr. Millbrook
Child Daphne Millbrook (deceased)

Mrs. Millbrook was Daphne's mother.

Character History

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 1

When Daphne is three years old, she and her mother are walking in a cornfield. Later on Daphne mother is seen eating and playing with her daughter. Several years later, Mrs. Millbrook is trying to convince her daughter that there is still a chance for Daphne to walk again, but Daphne refuses to listen. Once Mrs. Millbrook is diagnosed with cancer, she stops trying to convince her daughter that there is still hope.

On the day of her death, Mrs. Millbrook has an argument with her daughter. The argument ends with Mr. Millbrook sending Daphne to her room. When Daphne returns to the room that her mother is in, Daphne finds her mother dead in her father's arms.

Mrs. Millbrook funeral is held on October 1. During the funeral, Daphne gets frustrated and leaves. After Daphne has fallen to the ground, she is visited by her mother. Mrs. Millbrook tries again to convince her daughter that she is special and that she should not let anything hold her back. Daphne does not believe what her mother is telling her, but her mother tells Daphne to stand up and leave this cage. Daphne concedes and stand up, only to realize that she no longer needs her leg braces. Soon after, Daphne runs off.

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 2

After the funeral, the Millbrooks are visited by Thompson. Once Thompson has left, Daphne gets into an argument with her father. During the argument, Daphne tells her father that she wishes that he had died instead of her mother.

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