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The Millbrooks' home

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The Millbrooks' home
Millbrooks Residence.jpg
The Millbrooks' farm
Location: Lawrence, KS
Purpose: Residence

Daphne Millbrook grew up on a corn farm in Lawrence, KS.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


The Eclipse, Part 1

At Matt’s apartment, Matt wants to find Daphne and thinks she has gone to Lawrence, KS. Hiro finds a page in 9th Wonders! that shows himself, Matt, and Ando standing in a cornfield in Lawrence, and teleports them all to the field outside of Daphne’s house. Matt hears Daphne’s thoughts and runs toward the house, while Ando and Hiro look up and see the sky darkening from the eclipse.

Matt knocks at the farmhouse door and Mr. Millbrook answers. He says that Daphne isn’t there but Matt calls out and Daphne tells him to go away. Matt tries to use his telepathy and glares at Mr. Millbrook, but nothing happens. A puzzled Mr. Millbrook goes back inside and Matt tells Hiro and Ando that his powers are gone. Inside, Mr. Millbrook asks Daphne if she’s going to explain who Matt is, and she says she won’t. He says she’s been gone a long time and asks if she’s okay and she says it’s happening again. She asks if he still has "them" and he says yes and goes to fetch them.

In the field outside, Hiro tries to use his own powers without success, then says that they have to save Daphne nonetheless. When Matt says he can’t, Hiro starts throwing ears of corn at him while Ando translates, saying that a true hero doesn't need powers and should not doubt his quest.

Inspired, Matt goes back to the house. Mr. Millbrook gets in his truck and leaves, and Matt goes to the front door and knocks. He tells Daphne he isn’t leaving until he talks to her but she tells him to leave. He refuses and says he’s in love with her and is never going to give up on her. She tells him to come in and he follows her voice to the bedroom. She comes out of the bedroom, walking with difficulty on leg braces.

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 1

Daphne, Mr. Millbrook, and Mrs. Millbrook live in this residence. Daphne is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Mrs. Millbrook develops cancer and later dies from it after she and Daphne have a fight. Mrs. Millbrook's funeral is held during the first eclipse. Daphne then gains her ability and does not need her leg braces anymore. She runs off to a different life.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Daphne explains to Matt that she has cerebral palsy. The previous eclipse cured her, but with her ability gone, she cannot walk without her braces. She tells him to read her thoughts if he doesn’t believe her, and Matt says that his ability is gone too. Daphne thinks Arthur stripped them of their powers and says that she’s a villain, but Matt insists that she’s a good person. Mr. Millbrook returns and Daphne says that Matt was just leaving. He goes into Lawrence to find Hiro and Ando.

When Matt gets his ability back, he returns to the Millbrook farm but Mr. Millbrook tells him that Daphne has left. Matt telepathically “hears” Daphne in the distance while Mr. Millbrook wonders whether he could have done more to convince her to stay. Matt thanks him and goes into the cornfield, where he finds Daphne examining a scarecrow. She explains that she made the scarecrow, Ray, when she was 13, because they were losing the corn crop, and the scarecrow saved the field. Matt says it was really Daphne who saved the field and he understands that she’s a good person. She asks if he forgives her and he says he’s not the one she needs forgiveness from. Daphne then runs to the house and embraces her father on the front porch.

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