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Tim Kring

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Tim Kring
Also known as Richard Timothy Kring
Title Creator
Executive Producer
Date of birth 9 July 1957
Origin Santa Maria, CA, USA
Gender Male
IMDb profile

Tim Kring is the creator, an executive producer, and a writer for Heroes and Heroes Reborn. Kring has worked as an executive producer for all seasons of the show, and he is the most prolific writer for the series.


Tim Kring is well-versed in writing and creating entertainment. He began his writing career for the hit TV show Knight Rider in the early 1980s. In 1987 Kring penned Teen Wolf Too alongside Jeph Loeb. He is best known for creating the hit television shows Crossing Jordan, and Strange World.

Following Heroes, Tim co-wrote the novel Shift with Dale Peck. In 2011, Tim created the show Touch for Fox, and later the show Dig for USA. In 2015, Tim continued the world of Heroes with the miniseries Heroes Reborn. Error: String exceeds 1,000 character limit.


  • Tim Kring has written the premiere episode for every volume of Heroes. He has also written the final planned episode of every season. (Powerless was not originally intended to end Season Two.)
  • Tim was born on July 9, 1957. The combination to Noah's storage unit is 7-9-5-7.
  • At the end of Sundae, Bloody Sundae, Miko is shown "7957 years in the future". This is a reference to Tim Kring's birthday.
  • Other than Heroes, Tim is best known for creating Crossing Jordan. This other series was referenced in Heroes in the episode Jump, Push, Fall. Interestingly enough, the episode of Crossing Jordan being referenced was also called Jump, Push, Fall.
  • In 2010, Tim received the Pioneer Prize at the International Digital Emmy Awards in Cannes for his multi-screen storytelling.


  • In an interview, Tim Kring says that the hero he identifies with most is Peter.
  • Tim earned a bachelor of arts degree in religious studies from University of Santa Barbara.
  • Throughout his career in the entertainment business, Tim's numerous jobs include grip, gaffer, cameraman, writer, producer, and creator.
  • Tim collects acoustic guitars and is a skilled guitarist himself.

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