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Danko's team

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Danko's team
Danko's team.jpg
Tracy is captured
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: captures evolved humans
First appearance A Clear and Present Danger
Known leaders: Emile Danko (deceased),
Noah Bennet (defected),
Nathan Petrelli (formerly, deceased)
Known members: Daniel Simmons (deceased),
Gibson (deceased)
Kent Harper (deceased),
Jason Pierce (deceased),
Rachel Mills,
Steve Donner (used as secret identity by Sylar),
Agent Taub (used as secret identity by Sylar),
unnamed analyst,
unnamed analyst,
unnamed technician,
many unnamed agents
Equipment used: Guns, tasers, iceproof gloves, choke collars

Danko's team is a specialized unit under the supervision of Danko in association with Noah Bennet and Nathan Petrelli that is capturing evolved humans. They were disbanded after Sylar, as Nathan, convinces the President to shut down Building 26.

Successful Captures

Unsuccessful Captures


A Clear and Present Danger

The team successfully captures Tracy Strauss, utilizing freezeproof gloves and guns. Later, they subdue and capture Matt Parkman, Claire Bennet, Mohinder Suresh, and Hiro Nakamura. Other evolved humans are also captured. An attempt to capture Sylar at Samson Gray's home is made, but fails, resulting in the death of that entire squad, except for Agent Simmons who Sylar tortures for his father's location. Claire is subsequently released when Danko shows her to Nathan, who releases her. On board the plane, Peter takes out most of the agents using Mohinder's enhanced strength.

Trust and Blood

Danko's team sets up a base of operations at the crash site of Flight 195, and begin searching for the evolved humans who have escaped from the plane. Danko orders an air strike to destroy the wreckage. Noah locates Claire and Peter, but lets Peter go when he is unable to shoot him. Peter and Tracy knock out two agents, and Peter puts on one of their uniforms. Daphne and Ando arrive at the crash site, and Daphne is shot by Danko's agents. As Claire absorbs a hail of bullets, Matt uses his telepathy to turn one of the team against the others, and two agents are shot before the rogue agent is himself taken out by Danko, and Claire is taken into custody again.

Agent Daniel Simmons is tortured by Sylar at the house of Mary Campbell and her son Luke. When Sylar is distracted by Luke's ability, Simmons escapes and grabs a gun, but Luke uses his ability on him, boiling his blood and killing him.

Graphic Novel:Libertad

The technician and his team monitor Harmon and Simon Bolivar as they meet. Later, they capture Misha and the trafficker and torture them for the location of a meeting between the other traffickers. The team moves in to capture them, but Rebel tips them off. Agents attempt to catch Angie again after she escapes the meeting, but Rebel has tipped her off once again.

Building 26

In Costa Verde, Noah Bennet attempts to capture Alex Woolsly, but Claire helps Alex escape. Noah then calls in backup to help hunt Alex. Claire tells Alex about the hunt for evolved humans, and they barely escape capture from a team of agents.

A group of agents attempt to capture Sylar, but he escapes, leaving Luke Campbell behind to be captured. He latter returns, kills the team, and frees Luke.

Cold Wars

The agents attempt to capture Peter at Noah's storage unit, but Peter attacks them with flash grenades and escapes. The agents then head to the Costa Verde motel to get Matt and Mohinder. In order to give Matt more time to interrogate Noah, Mohinder runs towards the agents as bait. He fights them using enhanced strength but is eventually taken prisoner. The agents then storm into the motel room just as Matt finishes his interrogation. They capture Matt but Peter returns, wrestles Matt out of the agents' grasp, and flies off.


Agents in Illinois head to the Olympic Coffee Shop and Restaurant in search of Sylar and Luke. However, Sylar subdues the entire team and flees. Luke is captured, but Sylar later returns to the agents' van and slays them all. He takes their laptop and rescues Luke as well.

Meanwhile, at Building 26, agents try to stop Matt and Peter from infiltrating the building, but are overpowered with telepathy.

At Costa Verde, Agent Mills and Agent Pierce conduct surveillance on the Bennet house, believing Claire to be hiding Alex Woolsly. They soon enter the house forcefully, but Sandra accosts them while Alex hides. That night, the entire family helps Alex evade the agents' capture.

Shades of Gray

Agents bring Tracy Strauss back to Building 26. Unbeknown to the agents, Tracy receives a message from Rebel.

Meanwhile, at Costa Verde, Agent Mills and Agent Pierce try to capture Eric Doyle. While Mills is subdued by Doyle's puppet master ability, Pierce gets a shot from behind. But before he can shoot, he is tackled by Claire Bennet and thus the mission ends a failure.

Later, Danko forces Nathan to reveal his ability of flight and calls off the free pass for Claire. However, Rebel warns Claire and Nathan rescues her before she can be captured.

Graphic Novel:Puppet with No Strings

Emile Danko, Jason Pierce, and Rachel Mills torture Eric Doyle in his theatre for information regarding the Primatech fire and Rebel. They then light the theatre on fire and leave Doyle for dead. Rachel, working with Rebel, teleports back inside and rescues him in secret.

Graphic Novel:Hanging By a Thread

Agent Mills chases down Howie Kaplan and has to use her ability to do so. She is caught in the act by her partner and another agent, and in order to avoid revealing to them about her ability, she falls off the rooftop on purpose and then teleports Howie to the ground. Then, following Rebel's orders, she lets Howie go.

Cold Snap

Danko's team goes after Matt Parkman, Jr., but one is knocked out by Ando. There proves to be too many and they overpower Ando, but before they can capture him, Matt Jr. reactivates part of Hiro's power and he freezes time and, unable to teleport, escapes carrying Matt Jr. and pushing Ando in a wheelbarrow.

Meanwhile, Tracy Strauss escapes her cell with Rebel's help and frees Matt, Daphne and Mohinder, but they are found by members of the team. Before anything can happen, Matt uses his telepathy to trick them and the three escape. The team go after Rebel using Tracy as bait, but Tracy turns on them and has Micah Sanders (who is really Rebel) activate the parking garage's sprinklers and Tracy freezes all of the water and everything including the team members and herself, killing herself and the team members. The team also tries to catch Angela Petrelli, but she is first warned by a prophetic dream and escapes her cab. The team later catches up to her and manages to recall the elevator she's in, trapping her. However, as the elevator arrives, Peter rescues Angela and helps her escape by flying her away up the elevator shaft.

Into Asylum

Danko's team searches for James Martin, but the group that goes are all killed except for Agent Jenkins. Later, after Danko makes a speech, Jenkins shakes his hand, inspired by him. Unfortunately Sylar calls Danko and reveals that Jenkins is dead and the man he shook hands with is Martin who is a shape shifter. The team chases him, but he gets away. Danko sends Noah Bennet with some of his men out to look for Angela Petrelli. They search a church where she has apparently been spotted, and while Noah finds her and Peter, he covers for them and tells his men that it's all clear. The team leaves empty-handed.

Graphic Novel:Cog

Agent Jenkins reports to work in the morning, and is sent to search for James Martin. However, his team is slain and James touches Jenkins to shape shift into him. Jenkins is then killed.

Turn and Face the Strange

Agents wheel in James Martin's body to a crematorium. Noah shows up and asks Agent Harper to uncover the body. Noah then removes the spike lodged in the body's head, expecting it to regenerate. However, it doesn't, and this bewilders Noah. He asks Harper to take the spike to a DNA testing center.

Graphic Novel:Scenic Route

West and Alex come under attack from Danko's agents, and they get Noah Bennet to help them. Noah agrees, and together they take down a helicopter and get Alex to safety.

Graphic Novel:Exodus

In Building 26, Danko is upset. Agent Mills has been uncovered to be a traitor and an evolved human. He orders her capture, but she teleports away before Danko can get her. She begins to free prisoners in the building, including Gordon Hovey, Eric Doyle, and Mary Krause. The other agents find her, but are caught off guard by her teleporting around. Rachel then teleports the freed prisoners (except Mary, who had been shot) up to the roof, where Gordon helps fight against the helicopter by using his ability. Rachel then teleports up to the helicopter and throws the shooters off, telling the pilot to follow her instructions.

I Am Sylar

Emile Danko has Sylar take over Agent Taub's life as a secret identity. An analyst later finds traffic security camera footage of Sylar walking around as himself. Danko and his team break into Tom Miller's home to capture the owner. They find his body in the living room with "I AM SYLAR" written in blood on the wall.

The team corners Rebel at a building off a pier. Danko leads his team around the sides of the building, with Sylar hanging back. Agent Harper goes back to see what he's doing, but Sylar has already entered the building. The team later chases Rebel across the pier, but Agent Harper is surprised he is a child. Danko gives him the kill order anyway, and the team shoots Rebel off the pier.

Hiro and Ando return to Isaac's loft and set off the alarms set up there in order to draw in members of the team in order to find out where Building 26 is so they can rescue the people being held prisoner. When they get there, Hiro lets the team taser Ando, but then freezes time and takes the place of one of the team. On the way to Building 26, Hiro freezes time again, and shuts off the drugs to Ando so he's secretly free. One of the team becomes suspisous of Hiro since he's wearing glasses and goes to taser him, but Ando blasts everyone in the van except Hiro, knocking them out. Hiro then retrieves a GPS unit from one of the team and he and Ando use it to locate Building 26.

Graphic Novel:One Good Hero

Danko's team goes after Peter, who is flying to Nathan's Senate office. Although they manage to shoot him with taser darts, Peter recovers after being energized by the brotherly love he feels with Nathan. He then takes out all the agents and continues his flight.

An Invisible Thread

Danko's team catch Noah Bennet in Arlington, VA. Later, they are called to Nathan's Senate office by Danko. However, Sylar, disguised as Danko, shoots at them. He then shifts into Agent Taub and helps arrest their former leader. The team handcuffs Danko and leads him to Building 26, where they lock him in a cell with Noah.

As Danko and Bennet team up, Hiro and Ando launch a rescue mission for all of the evolved humans that Homeland Security has captured. The two freeze time and free all of the prisoners, replacing them with all the members of the unit. Danko tries to betray Noah and knock him out with a tranquilizer dart, but is stopped by Hiro who takes the dart and injects him instead.

Later, Building 26 is shut down by the President at the request of Sylar, who has been telepathically made to believe he's Nathan Petrelli. The team is disbanded. Six weeks later, Kent Harper is murdered by Tracy Strauss. Sylar reads about it in the newspaper, along with the "mysterious drownings" of three other people.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

Micah goes home to find Monica, Nana, and Damon missing. He listens on the internet and finds information about Danko's team rounding up evolved humans. He continues to listen in and learns about Flight 195, and is shocked when it begins to crash.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 2

Flight 195 crashes and Sparrow Redhouse gets sucked out of the plane. Sparrow survives and escapes as her ability to move dirt causes dirt to come up, catch her and cushion her fall to the ground. Later, some of the team corner Micah and Sparrow, but their truck is lifted into the air and sent flying by Sparrow. Flint Gordon Jr. corners the two and tries to negotiate with the team saying he's on their side to survive, but the team is ordered not to negotiate with the evolved humans and a sniper blows off Flint's head, killing him. Sparrow drops a huge rock on them and she and Micah get away and decide to organize evolved humans to fight this new threat.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 3

Several agents were sent to London to capture Abigail, Lee and probably Claude. Two died when Sparrow Redhouse split the ground, another was chocked by Sparrow, two captured Lee and three were attacked by an invisible Claude.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

While Peter and Matt infiltrate Building 26 to rescue Daphne, Rebel infiltrates it as well to find Nana, Damon and Monica. West, Abigail and Sparrow manage to rescue Nana and Damon, but can't find Monica who Nana said was separated from them after they were taken. During the rescue, Abigail holds off Danko's team with her forcefield as they try to shoot and kill them, and as they escape on a giant column of sand, an unknown member of the team prepares a sniper rifle and takes aim at Micah's head.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 6

With the help of Molly Walker, Rebel finally tracks down Monica Dawson, Claude Rains and Abagail's fiancé Lee who have all been captured by Danko's team. They discover that the three are being held in a warehouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and head there to rescue them. Upon arrival at a train station, they find out from Molly that the three are there and are on a train that is headed to Washington D.C. Rebel boards the train with West flying off with the guard, but Sparrow being captured by another agent. Sparrow defeats the agent and meets up with West. On the train, Micah, Abagail and Molly find and rescue Lee and Claude, but Micah and Abagail and tased and everyone is recaptured except Molly who remains hidden. The agent who captured them orders the train to take off, but Sparrow stops it with West's help. Molly frees everyone on the train, but they still can't find Monica and dozens of Danko's men are approaching the train. Suddenly, Molly realizes exactly where Danko's team is keeping Monica.


Claire imagines agents coming into her algebra testing room and about to shoot her with a tranquilizer. She freaks out, everyone looks at her weird, and then she realizes that it was all in her head.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 1 of The Agent, Agent Moore of Danko's team supervises a training exercise of capturing an escaped prisoner being performed by Rachel Mills. He congratulates Rachel when she breaks the course record. Later, agents from Danko's team brief the recruits on the situation at the Flight 195 crash site, and then accompany the recruits into black-painted helicopters that immediately take off. During the trip to the site, they distribute live ammunition to everyone.

Upon landing, an agent tells Rachel Mills to report to Danko for orders. Rachel finds Danko talking with Senator Petrelli. While talking, Danko points at the senator's blond daughter, who is being guarded by several agents. Rachel then watches as another blond girl appears, and then both the new girl and the senator's daughter disappear. The agents guarding the girl soon shout that Claire is gone. Danko then orders his agents to form a main search party, and also directs Rachel Mills to select three men for her own search party. He gives her orders for her squad to follow the main search party and capture Claire by any means possible. Danko adds that if her capture is not possible, they should shoot her in the back of the skull.

The search parties find a group of the escaped detainees including the senator's daughter next to the smashed tail of the plane. The agent in charge of the main search party begins setting up an ambush with hand gestures when the fast girl stands up like she is going to take off. An agent in Rachel's squad, Gibson, then starts shooting and hits the fast girl, sending her hard to the ground. Claire goes down also, and Gibson pauses a micro-second when she falls. The other agents continue shooting and shouting around him.

Another of the fugitives faces off with Gibson, and forces Gibson to turn and start killing everyone around them. In a matter of seconds, everyone in both search parties except for Rachel and Gibson is dead. Then, Gibson points his gun at Rachel, but Danko has arrived and he shoots Gibson dead. Claire begins moving again; and Danko approaches her, pulls out a tie and takes her prisoner.

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Danko has assigned Rachel to review a number of old websites that used to be run by people with abilities. They were just trying to understand more about how they think when Rachel found the first message. When Rachel reported it, Danko instructed Rachel to keep the project off the grid as he thinks there might be a security breach. Rachel was informed that when Danko's analysts started looking at the websites, bursts transmissions began leaving the government firewall, with each transmission always being comprised of 200 characters. The technicians suspect it is probably some kind of Trojan virus that they picked up from one of the websites.

Rachel wakes up screaming from a nightmare around dawn, and an agent arrives claiming to be her new partner. He adds that Danko instructed him to deliver a file her for the "special project" she is working on and leaves the file with her. About two hours later, Rachel reviews a list of a dozen websites Danko has sent her and begins checking them out. She finds a bar code on the first site and emails it to her hacker boyfriend, Volts. She then reviews three other sites and finds some hidden messages on them that she makes note of in the file. Rachel then receives a call from Volts, and he tells her what the bar code means. Then, the power goes out and Rachel's phone call gets disconnected. She tries to call Danko's office, but she gets an "All circuits are busy" message. Rachel then grabs her gun off the bed, tucks Danko's file under her arms and prepares to leave her room when her phone buzzes with text messages from Rebel. She views a video file Rebel sends to her phone of her using her ability at Pinehearst and then converses via instant message with Rebel.

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Rachel Mills is held at gunpoint by Alex Woolsly's father. While this occurs, Rachel recalls the events of the past week that led up to her current situation.

About a week ago, a day before Peter Petrelli's breaking in of Danko's apartment, Rachel does something for Rebel that delays her meeting Danko and Jason Pierce at the appointed time. She gives Danko an excuse that she had to fix a broken boot lace, and Danko drives off with her and Jason in a van. Two days later, Rachel and Jason are practicing in a shooting range when Danko arrives and gives them orders to take a flight to Costa Verde, CA, and pursue and capture Alex Woolsly. Danko informs them that Alex may have help, and to contact him and await his further orders if they get proof that Claire Bennet is involved.

Upon arriving in Costa Verde, CA, Rachel and Jason meet the lead agent at a command truck and obtain three leads on Alex from the agent. Rachel and Jason proceed by themselves to the first lead, Alex's abandoned car. Two agents that have been watching the car meet them and inform them there has been no sign of Alex returning. Rachel and Jason then search the area, and Jason spots a security camera on the corner of a nearby self-storage facility pointed at the side street where Alex's car had passed, and lets Rachel know about it. Rachel gets Jason to contact their base to secure the footage, but Rebel deletes the footage from Jason's phone and their organization's server right after Rachel views it.

Following the second lead, Rachel and Jason proceed to the beach and spot a crowd of surfers that might have information. Jason gets Rachel to go undercover on her own, purchasing and putting on a swimsuit to make the surfer crowd more cooperative. Rachel learns that one of Alex's friends, Liliane, has also not been seen lately, and gets her address. She then meets Jason back at the car and has him drive her to Liliane's home.

Upon arriving outside Liliane's house, Rachel is dressed in standard gear again and, after some discussion, gets Jason to watch the back of the house while she proceeds to the front entrance. Rachel talks with Liliane in the front room of her home and learns that Liliane is a government informant that works for them. Danko's men had called and given her a way out of a drug charge in exchange for her help. They told her Alex was taking some special steroids or something, and she was supposed to report if she noticed him do anything weird. She had called in some tips right before he had disappeared, and now she is afraid to leave the house. Rachel also learns from Liliane that one of her friends that works at Sam's Comics saw Alex get approached by a blond girl right before he disappeared, and that he didn't know the girl's name. Liliane explains that Rachel's organization's men spooked her friend, so he had forgot to mention that. Liliane then tells Rachel she will sue them if something Alex comes after her, and Rachel leaves, telling her that sounds like a plan.

Rachel tells Jason what she learned, and directs him to drive them to Alex's apartment. They both set about searching through Alex's apartment for half an hour and then meet up to trade notes. Jason notes not finding any evidence that Alex had been contacted. Rachel notes finding a pay-as-you-go cell phone with a long-dead battery and a laptop. Jason then finds the power supply for the laptop and boots it up. Jason and Rachel next observe the laptop automatically begin downloading Alex's mail, and then Rebel deleting it. Jason then turns off the laptop and ejects the battery before Rebel can delete all the mail, per Rachel's instruction.

Rachel goes to the alley behind Alex's apartment building to use a pay phone there to contact Danko. While in the second part of authenticating herself to Building 26, she is surprised by a man who puts a gun to her back. He tells Rachel to hang up the phone or he'll kill her, so she does so. A minute later, he allows Rachel to turn around and talk with him.

The man allows Rachel to turn around and explains that he is Alex's father, Dave, and he heard about the confrontation at Sam's Comics. He also notes that he checked with the city regarding the cop asking about parking tickets, and the city claims to know nothing about it. Dave then asks Rachel whom her people are. Rachel replies that she isn't at liberty to say, knocks Dave aside, and begins running away. But before Rachel gets more than five feet away, Dave pulls out a 12-gauge shotgun from under his coat, clocks it, and tells Rachel to stop. Dave then points the gun at Rachel's face as she turns again to face him. Jason then sees what is happening and shouts for Rachel to look out. Then, the power suddenly goes out for the entire city and Rachel, Jason, and Dave are left standing in the dark. Dave fires off his shotgun at Rachel, but she teleports onto the roof of Alex's apartment building before the shotgun blast strikes her. Jason then screams at Dave with his pistol drawn, and gets Dave to drop his shotgun, kick it away, and lay face down to the ground.

In chapter 4 of The Agent, after their encounter with Dave Woolsly, Rachel Mills and Jason search sectors of Costa Verde with spotty video and satellite surveillance until the still-dark hours of early morning. They then head to a motel and get some rest. The next day, they drive to the Bennets' home and take over for a pair of agents watching from a pool-cleaning van across the street. A short while later, they decide to search the house itself for Alex, but fail to find him and leave their house per Sandra's request.

Jason and Rachel remain watching the Bennets' home from the van and that night they stop Claire's car when it is leaving the Bennets' home. Sandra and Lyle are inside and Sandra claims to be taking her son to a movie. Then, dogs begin barking and Rachel and Jason take off around the Bennets' home towards the direction they heard. They both climb over the backyard fence, then Jason proceeds to the street beyond the next houses and Rachel searches by a neighbor's pool. Jason then radios that he thinks he sees them down the street and they rush there but don't find anyone.

After retracing their steps for an hour, they head back to the van and Jason recommends backing off before Senator Petrelli learns what is going on. However, he gets interrupted when the mission laptop suddenly signals a new message has arrived. The laptop is between the seats, pointed in Rachel's direction, and she sees it is another message from REBEL. Jason turn the laptop towards him, but only sees garbled text. He then gets headquarters to resend the message per Rachel's instruction and learns that headquarters is resending, that a new tip came in a few minutes ago, and now they have direct orders to move out.

In chapter 5 of The Agent, Jason and Rachel are on assignment to capture Eric Doyle and listen to instructions radioed by the SWAT team leader. Rachel then directs Jason to stand watch in front of an alleyway while she flushes him out the back. She enters the alleyway from behind, spots Eric Doyle and tells him to stop, but he doesn't see her and runs around the corner into another alley. Despite Jason ordering Rachel to wait for a nearby team to arrive, she follows Eric into the next alley and gets him to stop and turn around. However, the sun is at Rachel's back, so Eric doesn't recognize her and she winds up unconscious.

In chapter 6 of The Agent, Rachel begins driving back to headquarters with Jason in their rental car after the botched Howie Kaplan operation, when they spot a motorcycle rider following them. Jason denies noticing it, and gets Rachel to stop at a restaurant for something to eat. After they get seated, Jason tells Rachel that he saw her save Howie Kaplan and how she did it. Rachel then tries to leave, but the motorcycle rider approaches them carrying a taser. After learning from Jason that the rider is with him and he wants her to let him turn her in, Rachel responds by shoving Jason into the table next to them. Jason and Rachel then notice everyone else suddenly become motionless and stare blankly.

Jason asks Rachel what she did, and he hears a female voice behind him say that Rachel didn't do anything and that is what makes his people so wrong. He then turns around and see a teenage girl there wearing a college sweatshirt turned inside out. The girl asks Rachel to come with her, saying she is a friend. Meanwhile, Jason reaches towards his sister. He threatens to do something to the girl if his sister is hurt, calling her a freak. The teenage girl then cries out Rachel's name, but it doesn't stop Rachel from shooting Jason dead. Rachel and the girl then clean up the scene, and then head to an abandoned hunting cabin where they spend the night in separate bunk beds.

The next morning, Rachel awakens in an abandoned hunting cabin having spent the night there with the motorcycle rider. She talks with the girl and learns her name is Anna, part of a group called LAWR that Rachel's organization heard chatter about. Anna says that she cannot tell Rachel about the other members of their group; but she explains that by saving Howie Kaplan, Rachel saved their group because Howie knew who they were. She also says REBEL wants Rachel to turn to the Building 26 organization, and says it should be safe. Rachel then agrees to leave with Anna so Anna can take an important test she is having that night.

In chapter 7 of The Agent, agents find Jason's body in a dumpster behind his apartment and note that he had been shot to death. They then proceed to Rachel's door, and question Rachel hours later. She claims to them that she made it back to the city okay with Jason, and she last saw him when she dropped them off and he was alright. Rachel then recalls to herself that in reality, she had brought Jason home in the rental car's trunk, and Anna waited silently in the passenger seat as Rachel disposed of Jason's body. Later, Rachel has a repeated nightmare.

One morning after that night, Rachel gets a daily intelligence briefing that includes the incident at the highway restaurant. Witnesses appear to have documented Rachel's and Jason's appearance and their fight rather accurately, but no one questions Rachel about it because the restaurant is listed as being in Oregon. Rachel then contemplates suicide, but her thoughts are interrupted by new orders to report to an address in New York City.

Upon arriving at the site of her next mission, Rachel encounters two SWAT team agents that offer their sympathies regarding her partner's death, and then talks with the site commander. The commander also offers his sympathies and assigns Rachel to B Squad. In addition, he asks Rachel if Danko mentioned anything about the operation they are performing, but Rachel says no. The commander then explains that Danko has gone off the grid, and he asked because she is Danko's buddy or something.

Rachel makes her way to the next alley, where she is surprised to be greeted by Anna. Rachel tackles Anna to the ground to protect her, but Anna points out that she already took out at least the two nearest agents. Rachel walks with Anna to the front of the target building. Next, she teleports with Anna, first, up into an empty hallway in the building, and then into the next room where the fugitives are staying. Once inside, they encounter a group of about twenty fugitives, only one of whom, Abe, has an ability. After Rachel and Anna offer their warnings to flee, Rachel learns the back fire escape is unguarded and checks it out. Rachel finds explosives on the fire escape, so she returns to the group and tells them what she thinks the agents' plan is. She explains that due to the bomb she found, the agents will likely attack from the north so that they rush down the fire escape. Rachel continues that in three minutes, the group needs to do just that no matter what is happening outside.

In chapter 8 of The Agent, Rachel informs Anna that agents have spotted them, and that they are currently running the description of a double agent. She then teleports down outside the building and finds herself standing around the corner from the SWAT teams. She hears people talking, loading their guns, and applying their body armor, and realizes they are ready to proceed. Rachel walks around the corner and searches for the site commander, Commander Klassen. She notes to herself that Klassen is one of Danko's most trusted lieutenants.

Rachel confirms to an agent that she is ready for some payback, then watches Klassen. When the SWAT teams head towards the target building, Rachel stays in one place, waiting for Commander Klassen to move out. With one minute to go before the fugitives head down the fire escape, Rachel spots the commander bringing up the rear on foot with two aides carrying laptops and radios.

When the commander spots Rachel, she joins her squad as the SWAT teams are making their way to their pre-marked paths, passing over trash and street bums until they reach the target building. Then, Rachel hears the last status reports in her earpiece noting that everyone is in position, and the commander radios to proceed in thirty seconds.

Rachel breaks from her team and rushes toward the direction Commander Klassen was heading. She guesses he is near the fire escape, and can hear his voice, even without the radio. Then, Rachel hears Klassen yell, noting that it is a kind of FUBAR yell, and that he has spotted the fugitives. Rachel starts running and, after turning another corner, spots Klassen a block ahead of her. She also sees figures heading off the bottom of the fire escape, and Klassen turning around with the detonator box out. Commander Klassen spots Rachel and calls out her name questioningly. Next, they both look towards the mystery truck as it screeches its tires. Rachel then teleports in front of the commander, and she knocks him to the ground when he runs into her fist. She grabs the detonator that gets flung up into the air. Then, as the commander sits up off the ground, Rachel takes hold of his collar, closes her eyes, and teleports them both into the sky.

They materialize twenty feet in the air above the fire escape. As they both begin falling, Rachel lets go of Klassen, closes her eyes, and presses the detonator's button. She teleports next to the truck just as the explosion goes off. Rachel is then helped onto the truck by the fugitives and the other agents are unable to pursue them. Later, Rachel receives a text message from Danko to report immediately to him.

In chapter 9 of The Agent, Bob, Danko's assistant, unknowingly allows Dan from Internal Affairs to interrogate Rachel Mills about the Howie Kaplan incident in front of a shape shifted Sylar that looks and sounds like Danko. The interrogation takes place in Danko's Building 26 office after Rachel ignores Sylar's attempts to pick her up and gets him to allow her to call for Dan. When Sylar learns that Dan's evidence against Rachel is just a bunch of old requisition forms, he interrupts the interrogation, tells Dan to stop picking on Rachel, and asks them both to leave his office. As Rachel leaves, Dan accuses Rachel of sleeping with Danko and tells her he is watching her. After Rachel gets back on the highway, she receives a request from Rebel to help rescue a Building 26 prisoner.

Meanwhile, Building 26 agents begin closing off a circus where there are reports of LAWR-related activity.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, agents grab Rachel Mills in the Building 26 shooting range. She fights back, and they shove her off the ground and head first into a wall. Danko then approaches Rachel and shows her a video message from Jason Pierce, which he talks about observing advanced symptoms of a psychotic break in Rachel that are probably combat-stress related. Danko adds that ballistics just matched the bullets in Jason's body to Rachel's gun. When Rachel then teleports out of the room, Danko shouts that she is one of them.

Later, when an alarm goes off in the fugitives coma room, Agent Harper and another agent storm in and shoot dead a woman that sits up. They also fire at a man that turns their bullets into sand. Rachel teleports behind Harper and knocks him out with a drop kick. Meanwhile, the man who turns bullets into sand touches the other agent's shoulder and turns him into chunks of sand.

When Rachel and the other two fugitives reach the roof, a spotlight centers on them and two agents in an airborne helicopter begin shooting at them with machine guns. Rachel teleports up into the chopper, and forces the agents out the door. She then instructs the pilot to pick up her two fugitive friends on the roof and fly them out of there. The next morning, they land in an open field, and Rachel and the two fugitives tie up the pilot and set him outside by the back of the chopper. A short while later, Rachel tells Gordon, the man with the sand-related ability, to untie the pilot.

In chapter 11 of The Agent,

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In chapter 12 of The Agent,

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  • The hierarchical structure of the team has not been clearly defined. However, some aspects of its organization have been specified. Danko's team appears to consist of a number of subteams or squads, with each team's personnel grouped according to compatibility as specified by personality testing (chapter 4 of The Private).
  • In addition, one solution of a psychological exam given to Rachel Mills during training and possibly other recruits notes that "in every field team is the 'brain' — the medic, the hacker, even the commander — whose poise and determination in combat mask a broad knowledge and the ability to implement it under brutal conditions." (chapter 1 of The Agent)
  • At the Flight 195 crash site, Danko chose Rachel Mills to be commander of her own team. He told her to pick three men for her team and gave her orders that she needed to make sure her team followed. (chapter 1 of The Agent)


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