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Trevor Mason demonstrates his self-given ability.
Held by: Trevor Mason (synthetic)
Ability to: Create and manipulate plasma

Plasmakinesis (sometimes abbreviated PK) is the ability to create and manipulate plasma with one's body.



Trevor Mason

After injecting himself with a strain of the Gemini Formula called PK-13, Trevor Mason developed this ability, which helped him escape the destruction of the Quarry. When Trevor activates this ability, his hands and legs become covered in plasma, as do his eyes. Trevor can use this ability to shoot blasts of plasma others, explode a ring of plasma around himself, or smash into things creating a large plasma explosion. Trevor also manipulates the plasma to move around — specifically, Trevor seems to jump higher than normal by propelling himself with his plasma, and he can also slide quickly along the floor using his plasma. The plasma Trevor creates appears to be hot, and is ultimately responsible for destroying parts of the control room in the Quarry. Once the plasma leaves Trevor's body, he no longer has any control of it; in fact, Cassandra Hays showed that she was able to telekinetically pick up Trevor's plasma and throw it. (Gemini: Heroes Reborn)


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