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Trevor Mason

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Trevor Mason
Gemini Mason.jpg
Portrayed by Robin Atkin Downes
First appearance Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Debut October 8, 2015
In-story stats
Known ability Plasmakinesis (synthetic)
Occupations Founder and Director of the Quarry,
Former Company agent,
Former military

Trevor Mason is the director at the Quarry. His life's work is the Gemini Formula, which he uses successfully on Dahlia. Director Mason is ruthless and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Heroes Reborn: Enigma

As the director of the Quarry, Trevor Mason rounds up evolved human orphaned youths. Director Mason experiments on them with the Gemini Formula, working to push the children to new limits, to test the extent of their abilities, and to see if they can acquire new abilities. He is mostly unsuccessful, but he is triumphant with Dahlia. The two have an uneasy relationship, and Mason often tries to get the upper hand with Dahlia by threatening the safety of Dahlia's sister Cassie, or by making hollow promises to let the sisters see each other. But Trevor is also scared of Dahlia, knowing that she can hurt him if he is not careful.

Trevor gives Dahlia an injection of the Gemini Formula, and Dahlia successfully acquires new abilities that allow her to time shift to the future. When Dahlia tells Trevor that the Quarry will one day be destroyed, he balks and says that the facility is secure. But as he learns more, he doubts himself, and begins to realize that if the Quarry is destroyed, his life's work will also be destroyed. No longer in denial, he believes Dahlia and pushes her even further in her ability testing. When Dahlia begins to escape the Quarry with Cassie, Trevor becomes irate and threatens to hunt Dahlia down. He pleas with her to stay, promising that she can become "a god", but Dahlia ultimately escapes as the Quarry is left in ruins.

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Mason speaks to Cassandra from a screen and tells her that she is either very brave or very stupid. He tells her that he made sure Alex would find Cassie's parents' names and lead her back to the Quarry. Mason tells Cassie things about her childhood that she can't remember, including being under Mason's care. He encourages her to master her new abilities, and informs her that the guards have been given a kill order. Later, Mason stands next to Alex and tells Cassie that they have been working together. Mason says that he used to work for Primatech, but found their methods of bagging and tagging to be barbaric and antiquated. He founded the Quarry as a way to safeguard evos so they could develop their abilities.

Mason communicated with Cassie and tells her that if she brings him the missing Gemini Formula, he will give her information about her parents, who were his former employees. When Mason and Cassie meet up again later, Cassie is upset to see that Mason doesn't have any information about her parents, other than that she came from an orphanage. He is angered when she doesn't have the Gemini Formula. Mason threatens her with his plasma blasts, explaining that he injected himself with the Gemini Formula before the Quarry burned down. They fight, and Cassie causes Mason to destroy the Quarry in the process.

Evolved Human Abilities

Trevor Mason injected himself with a version of the Gemini Formula he calls PK-13, which gave him the ability of plasmakinesis. This causes multiple parts of Mason's body, including his arms, legs, and eyes, to turn into plasma. Mason uses this ability to blast plasma at others, smash into walls, create a ring of plasma around himself, jump great distances, and slide easily across the floor.

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