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Gemini Formula

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Gemini Formula
Gemini Formula.jpg

First mentioned: Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Owned by: Trevor Mason
Current status: Hidden in 2014 in the Quarry

The Gemini Formula is the result of combining evo DNA with the Gemini Matrix to give someone else the donor's ability. The Gemini Matrix was created by Trevor Mason at the Quarry.


Heroes Reborn: Enigma

Trevor Mason forcibly injects Dahlia with TS-14, a version of the formula that is combined with her sister's DNA. This gives Dahlia two additional abilities: time slow and time shift, in addition to the telekinesis that she already possesses. Dahlia is horrified to learn that up until it was injected in her, the formula never bonded successfully with any other person. Mason likens the formula to an organ transplant which is a perfect match for some, but is rejected by others. Mason concludes that the formula only works in siblings — specifically when one sister's power is transferred to the other. The other subjects who rejected the formula died from their injections.

Mason believes that the Gemini Formula will make the world a better place, "where no one is weak or sick or crippled". However, Dahlia believes that the Gemini Formula is all about money, and that Mason will sell the formula to the highest bidders. Wary of Mason's motives, Dahlia takes the Gemini Formula from 2008 and hides it in 2014 in the destroyed and abandoned Quarry.

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Trevor Mason created TK-45, a version of the formula made using Dahlia's DNA. Cassandra from 2014 travels to the past and injects herself with the formula giving her telekinesis.

Cassandra also discovers that before the Quarry was destroyed in 2008, he injected himself with PK-13. This iteration of the formula gave him plasmakinesis, which is the only way he was able to survive the destruction of the Quarry.


The following people have been given a version of the formula and have developed synthetic abilities as a result:

Recipient Circumstances Ability gained Version DNA Source
Dahlia Hays Given an injection by Trevor Mason in order to further test his formula Space-time manipulation TS-14 Cassandra Hays
Cassandra Hays Injected herself Telekinesis TK-45 Dahlia Hays
Trevor Mason Injected himself Plasmakinesis PK-13 Unknown


  • There were seventy-one test subjects who died due to being injected with the formula.
  • So far the only successful test subjects are the Hays sisters and its creator.
  • Mason mixes the Gemini Matrix with Evo DNA in test tubes with various labels.
  • Between the vault and two rooms outside the vault there are 117 total test tubes. (Enigma, Level 27)
    • Twenty-two test tubes of "TS".
    • Thirty-two test tubes of "TK".
    • Thirty test tubes of "WH".
    • Thirty-three test tubes of "PK".
  • The test tubes are kept in groups of 6, numerous groupings are missing one test tube each. (Enigma, Level 27)
    • Two test tubes of "TS" are missing.
    • Four test tubes of "TK" are missing.
    • Five test tubes of "WH" are missing.
    • Three test tubes of "PK" are missing.


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