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Eye alteration

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Eye alteration
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Red Eye's eyes become red when using his ability.

Eye alteration occurs with some evolved humans when their eyes alter from their natural state when using certain abilities.

Abilities that Cause Eye Alteration

Ability Examples
Accelerated probability Santiago
Adoptive muscle memory Monica Dawson
Alejandro's ability Alejandro Herrera
Aura absorption Linda Tavara
Clairvoyance Molly Walker
David's ability David Sullivan
Empathy Lydia
Enhanced strength Michael Fitzgerald
Enhanced strength and senses Mohinder Suresh
Induced radioactivity Peter Petrelli, Ted Sprague
Persuasion Damen Peak
Plasmakinesis Trevor Mason
Poison emission Maya Herrera, Arthur Petrelli
Precognition Isaac Mendez, Usutu, Peter Petrelli,
Sylar, Arthur Petrelli
Precognitive dreaming Angela Petrelli, Peter Petrelli
Primal rage Ricardo Silva
Pyrokinesis Flint Gordon
Spider mimicry Caleb
Spontaneous combustion Amanda Strazzulla
Telekinesis Misha
Telepathy Matt Parkman
Terrakinesis Sparrow Redhouse
Umbrakinesis Phoebe Frady

Closing eyes

Several abilities require concentration, and the user usually closes his eyes to use it. They are:

Ability Examples
Clairvoyance Molly Walker
Precognitive dreaming Angela Petrelli and Peter Petrelli
Space-time manipulation Hiro Nakamura, Peter Petrelli,
Future Peter, and Future Peter.
Spontaneous combustion Amanda Strazzulla
Technopathy Micah Sanders

Affecting other people's eyes

Some abilities changes the color of who is affected by it. They are:

Ability Examples
Appearance alteration Penny
Persuasion Lilly Peak
Primal rage Sean, Tom, and Joseph
Poison emission Coyote, Gloria, Derek, Molly, Sylar, and many others.



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