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A future Peter removes his past self from inside Jesse Murphy.
Originally held by: Harold Esposito
Absorbed by: Peter Petrelli (exposed future, deceased)
Ability to: Insert a person or oneself into another's body

Possession is the ability to insert oneself or another person into someone else's body.



Future Peter Petrelli

Future Peter claims to have hid his present self inside Jesse Murphy, who claims to be Peter Petrelli during Sylar's attack on Level 5. Future Peter said that he was keeping his present day self safe by doing this, and that he planned to undo this action when it was safe. Future Peter later retrieved his younger self from Jesse's body, by physically pushing him out of Jesse's body. Present-day Peter's entire body and mind then appeared from inside Jesse. (One of Us, One of Them)

Jesse's appearance did not change while Peter was inside his body and Peter maintained full control of Jesse's actions while he has resided within him. Peter did not appear capable of using his own abilities (e.g. - was frozen in time by Future Peter), but was able to use those of the body he was inhabiting.

After Peter is removed from him, Jesse seems to be aware of Peter's presence, or lack thereof.

Harold Esposito

Harold Esposito can "possess" people by moving inside his victims' bodies, assuming direct control of their actions and movements from a first-person perspective. While Esposito is in control, his victims remain fully conscious and are aware of what Esposito is doing, much like Jesse was when Peter was in control of his body. Esposito also has access to his victims' abilities when possessing them, as evidenced when he used Peter's telekinesis to throw a fire extinguisher. His physical body reappears close by when leaving a host. Known characters Harold has possessed are Nick Arbucci, Claire Bennet, and Peter Petrelli.


Other Examples


  • Because Future Peter was never seen possessing someone himself, his only demonstration of this ability may have been a form of ability extension. However, his arm did disappear into Jesse's body to push out Present Peter, who he had earlier trapped inside Jesse.
  • Conversely, Harold has not demonstrated the ability to insert people other than himself into other people's bodies.

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Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Possession for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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