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Episode:The Second Coming

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The Second Coming
Season: Three
Episode number: 301
First aired: September 22, 2008
The Second Coming.jpg
Written by: Tim Kring
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Previous episode: Powerless
Next episode: The Butterfly Effect
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Story Development

Future Claire · Formula · Daphne Millbrook · Ability induction serum · Robert Malden · Tracy Strauss · Ando's ability · Level 5 · Jesse Murphy · Benjamin "Knox" Washington · Flint Gordon, Jr. · Mohinder's ability



Four years in the future in Manhattan, NY, a different Peter is running down a rain-soaked street, looking back every few moments. Peter runs into a building where he is confronted by a different Claire, who points a gun on Peter. Peter says he's going to go back to "the day they all found out." Claire answers back by saying it's too late. Peter argues life wouldn't be the same if "they" never found out about the special powers they have. He says there wouldn't be any camps or experiments. He tells Claire that they wouldn't have to hide anymore. Claire said she made peace with it and that he never did. Peter wonders what happened to her. Claire says she's different and special. Peter swears he can fix everything. Claire considers this for a moment but then she says she's sorry and that she always loved him and she fires her gun at Peter's face. Peter freezes time, steals the gun, and teleports away to the present.

Future Peter stops the bullet.

In the present, Future Peter grabs a cap and a coat. He takes the gun and walks to the press conference where Nathan is about to announce to the world all about the heroes and their special powers. Future Peter stops this by shooting Nathan twice in the chest. He takes off with the present day Peter and Matt Parkman in pursuit. Before ducking into a bathroom, Future Peter stashes the gun in a closet. Peter and Parkman chase Future Peter into the bathroom. Peter enters first and Matt enters next. They "lose" him. Parkman wonders if Peter got a good look at him. Peter says no.

In the Bennet's home, Claire is watching the news of the shooting. She grabs a phone and calls Peter who is in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. She wants to help with her miracle blood but Peter tells her to stay put. A news reporter on the television says there are no leads to the cause of the shooting.

At St. Joseph's Hospital of Odessa, the doctors work frantically on Nathan as Peter watches from outside the room. He turns away. As time passes, a doctor emerges and tells Peter, "I'm sorry." Peter walks in and looks at Nathan's bloody body. He tries not to cry. He kisses Nathan's head. Suddenly, Nathan sits upright.

At Yamagato Industries, Hiro is staring into space. He looks at a clock and plays with time, sending it back and forth. Ando enters, calling Hiro "sir". Hiro says not to call him that. Ando says that Hiro's dad made him own fifty-one percent of the company, a fleet of planes and a pile of money so he feels like he needs to call Hiro "sir". Hiro says that money won't show him his destiny. After saving the world, twice, he's now a man without a quest. He's bored and he says it's not like destiny is going to come knocking at his door. Just after Hiro says that, there's a knock on the door. Hiro's family lawyer hands him a DVD message from his father that he recorded before he died, concerning his destiny.

Sylar traps Claire in her house.

Back at the Bennet's home, Claire is packing her bag. When she opens the door, Claire sees Sylar standing there. She's aghast. Sylar says that he spent time south of the border. Claire says she saw Hiro kill him. But Sylar points out that he's right in front of Claire, mostly recovered. He states that he's come for her power. She whacks him with a trophy and runs to the front door. She tries to open it but it shuts. The shutters close, the lights go out and the phone is dead. Claire grabs a kitchen knife and hears steps coming down the stairs. She opens a door, knife aloft, and waits. Sylar walks behind her. Claire goes into the kitchen and listens. Claire swings back to stab Sylar but he isn't there. She runs to shut herself in a closet. As Sylar rises up, she chains the doors. Sylar grabs the handle and smirks.

In Mohinder's apartment, Maya is standing next to the door, with a cricket bat in her hand. As the door opens, she whacks Mohinder. Maya apologizes and says she was worried it was Sylar coming back. Mohinder says he just dropped Molly off at the airport. Maya says she's ready for him to start his examination of her so he can cure her but Mohinder announces that he's at a dead end with his research and he's going back to India. Maya says she came all the way from South America and that it's not fair that he doesn't even try to cure her. As she gets mad, her power activates. She then calms herself down. Mohinder is intrigued about her power and starts asking her questions. He realizes his dad had it all wrong. It's not the blood of the evolved humans that give them powers, but the adrenal glands. He tells Maya to get mad and he gets ready to takes a sample of her adrenaline.

Back at Yamagato Industries, Hiro inserts the DVD that his dad had sent him. On the television screen, Hiro's dad tells him that in addition to his fortune, he's left Hiro with a sacred duty to guard a secret being kept in his safe and that he shouldn't open it. Hiro immediately wants to open the safe and Ando tries to counsel him against this course of action. Hiro says he can't go back to being a nobody and that his destiny lies in the safe. He finds a remote, clicks it and it opens a door in front of the safe. The safe has another DVD with dad saying, "I told you not to open the safe." Hiro's dad says it also contains half of a formula. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could destroy the world. Hiro's dad says Hiro needs to guard it with his life. Hiro opens the envelope in the safe and pulls out a piece of paper with half the formula. The piece of paper is snatched out of Hiro's hand. Hiro quickly stops time, and, following a streak left behind, catches up to a woman called Daphne. She appears to be frozen in time, but when the wave vanishes from behind her, her eyes shift, revealing that she can in fact move, even when time has stopped. Daphne, confused, asks Hiro how he caught up to her, asking if he's also a speedster. He explains that he can stop time, and tells her that she stole something from him. Holding up the paper with half of the formula written on it, she stops him from snatching it from her and questions him about his ability. When he doesn't give an answer, she punches him, unfreezing time before she speeds away.

Peter is back in the closet where Future Peter stowed the gun, looking for something. Matt enters with the gun and wants to know how Peter knew where to find it. Peter looks shifty and Parkman starts trying to read his mind. Frustrated, Peter reveals himself morphing back into Future Peter and tells Matt that now that he knows that he's Future Peter, he's got to go. He makes Matt disappear. He walks out of the closet and morphs back into Present Day Peter.

Nathan lies in a bed.

Back at St. Joseph's Hospital of Odessa, Nathan lies in a hospital bed. He wakes up, confused. He sees a suit hanging on the door. "Peter" walks into the hospital. He goes to Nathan's room, but Nathan is gone and the suit is gone. A newsman is outside the hospital talking about Nathan Petrelli's miraculous recovery just as Nathan walks by. The newsman spots him and follows him into a chapel. "Peter" enters the chapel as well. Nathan stands before the crucifix. He turns to a Hispanic woman and tells her that he saw God today, that he was dead but that he's been given another chance. He also tells her now he knows he's here to do great things, to do God's bidding. The newsman approaches him and asks him about the message he had planned to deliver at the press conference. "Peter" cocks his gun in the shadows. Nathan says God has a message and it's a simple one: We're all connected. We are not alone. We hold in our collective hearts one noble goal, to save ourselves, to save the world. He turns back to the altar and kneels. Satisfied, "Peter" walks up to Nathan and catches him as he collapses.

Back at Mohinder's apartment, Mohinder is looking at a sample of Maya's adrenaline under a microscope. He calls Maya very brave and tells her that although she must be unnerved by her powers at the same time it must be a kick to feel so special. His experiment worked, he isolated the source of the building blocks of the powers. He's very excited and says he has to get to his lab and work on more stuff. He says the syringe he now holds can give powers to anyone. Maya looks uneasy.

Claire sits in the closet waiting as Sylar rattles the door. He says he knows she's scared and he knows it isn't a fair fight, but he doesn't want to fight at all, he just wants what she has. He lost everything that made him special. He spies files labeled "Dad's office" and begins pulling out dossiers on other special people being held by Primatech. He notes that he now has a whole shopping list of abilities, but he wants the best -- hers. As he monologues she comes up behind him and stabs him and runs. He stops her telekinetically and whacks her against the wall and then, with his finger move, starts cutting her head open.

Now lying on a coffee table, Sylar is holding Claire's head, chatting with her as he examines her brain. Fully aware, she wants to know what he's doing to her. Sylar says he's looking for answers before he bleeds to death from the stab wound. She says she's looking for answers too. She wants to know why she doesn't feel anything. No nerve endings, he replies. Sylar rambles on about life's big questions: why there is evil, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, how do we make love stay. He says all of the answers are right here, as he touches her brain. She asks if he's going to eat it. He says that's disgusting. Sylar locates the bit he's looking for. He shudders with pleasure and wipes his hands. Sylar stands, with difficulty, thanks to the knife wound. He pulls the knife out and opens his shirt. The wound heals. He's very excited and walks away past the ring of Claire's scalp he ripped off. He picks it up and puts it back on her head and Claire heals. She wonders if he's going to kill her. He says she doesn't even understand herself, and that she's different and special and he couldn't kill her if he wanted to. She can never die -- and he guesses, now, neither can he.

At the lab Mohinder is testing a sample. Maya arrives and tells him to destroy the sample. She says it's like he said, against the laws of nature; but Mohinder is too excited about changing ordinary people. Mohinder says that with each person's blood chemistry, it would mean individual powers. Maya replies that in the wrong hands, those powers could be dangerous... Mohinder replies that they're in the wrong hands now. But now he thinks he could have stopped his father's death at Sylar's hands if he had powers. Maya can't believe he's going to inject himself with what she considers this curse. She wants to know if what's in the syringe can also cure her. Mohinder gives her a look of no. Maya tells Mohinder that it's evil, then, and he should destroy it for the sake of the world.

Nathan is sleeping in his hospital bed again. He wakes and asks "Peter" if he's still here. "Peter" holds up a headline of Nathan saying he was touched by God. Nathan thought he dreamed it but now believes God saved him. "Peter" says Nathan has seen what people like them can do. Nathan asks, who's to say it isn't the hand of God, all of them with the powers? He wonders if Peter ever considered that they're angels here to do God's bidding. "Peter" says, what happened to telling the world? Nathan says they couldn't be angels if everyone knew. "Peter" is, presumably, happy. As Nathan falls back asleep, "Peter" says he doesn't expect Nathan to understand what he did to him but hopes one day he can forgive him and walks out. Linderman comes to Nathan's bedside. Nathan comments that Linderman is the one who healed him. Linderman doesn't acknowledge his statement. Instead, he quotes William Shakespeare and says they are both destined for great things.

Robert Malden, a governor of New York is buttoning his shirt and watching the news about Nathan on television. He calls for a woman named Tracy and says that they've found "their guy." She says that's her job and walks into the room. The woman looks exactly like Niki Sanders. She appraises Nathan on screen and says, "I like him."

Matt awakens in a desert with a scorpion crawling on his face. He stands and yells, "No!" He looks around and calls out, "Is there anybody here?!"

Future Ando kills Future Hiro.

In Japan, Hiro is telling Ando about meeting the speedster. He's wondering what was so important on the paper. Ando tells him to go back to the past and ask his father. Hiro says he's never going to the past again, after what happened last time. Instead, he's going to the future to see what happens. He closes his eyes and opens them on a chaotic city street. He sees himself holding the formula and arguing with Ando. Hiro pulls out his sword. Ando kills future Hiro. Hiro is confused. He runs down the street and as he does so buildings collapse and cars go flying towards him. He closes his eyes and returns to the present. Ando spots him and asks, "Well?". Hiro says, "We gotta find that formula."

On a dock, Mohinder looks at the syringe. He's about to drop it in the water and instead jabs it into his own arm. His body shakes and convulses, and he falls to the ground.

Back at the hospital, Angela Petrelli stands over Nathan as "Peter" walks by in the background. She comes out of the room and asks what Peter has done to "her son." She says knows he's not Present Day Peter, and dreamed he would come. Future Peter says he had to, and adds that if she can see the future then she can see how destructive the formula is. She asks him whom he is to play God? Angela tells him to go back to where he came from. She wants to know what he did with real Peter. Future Peter tells Angela that he put the real Peter somewhere safe.

In Level 5, a man shouts "I'm Peter Petrelli!" Knox is pacing back and forth in his cell. Flint is in his cell, throwing blue flames at the glass. Noah Bennet, who is in Level 5 also, hears the cries.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spritus Mundi
Troubles my sight:
somewhere in the sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs,
while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again;
but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Mohinder grabs the gun from one of the muggers and bends the barrel. He throws the other mugger off of him and the assailant travels a great distance through the air. Mohinder is aghast and looks at his hands. Above him, on a warehouse, is the same painting that Matt saw in the desert.

Memorable Quotes

"I'm sorry, Peter. I've always loved you."

- Future Claire (to Future Peter)

"It's all behind me now, like a long night after a bad taco."

- Sylar (to Claire)

"It is your task now, your sacred duty... to never open the safe."

- Kaito's DVD (to Hiro)

"I asked you not to open the safe."

- Kaito's DVD, several minutes later

"Are you gonna eat it?"

"Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting."

- Claire, Sylar

"Wait! What about me? Aren't you going to kill me?"

"Poor girl. There's so much about yourself you don't even understand. Your brain is not like the others, Claire. You are not like the others. You're different. You're special. I couldn't kill you even if I wanted to. You can never die. And now, I guess, neither can I."

- Claire, Sylar

"I'm Peter Petrelli!"

- Peter (in Jesse Murphy's body)

Character Appearances


  • All main characters appeared in this episode.
  • The original airing of this episode didn't end with the words "To Be Continued...", as most other episodes did. Instead it ended with two title cards, one saying "Heroes Continues..." and the other saying "NOW!" It was replaced with "To Be Continued..." when it appeared on iTunes. The video on, however, maintains the unusual ending.
  • According to the commentary, the scene where Sylar is trying to capture Claire in her home is a tribute to the movie Halloween. Director Allan Arkush said in an interview that he watched several movies to prepare for the scene: Halloween, Blood and Black Lace, The Whip and The Body, Alien, Sorry, Wrong Number, and Wait Until Dark.
  • Allan Arkush said in an interview that a scene had to be cut because it was thought of as too goofy and funny. The scene took place in the Bennets' home as Sylar is terrorizing Claire. Suddenly, Mr. Muggles arrives and growls at Sylar, trying to protect Claire. "Sylar raises his finger, the way he always does when he's going to take off the top of someone's head. So, you started to get worried if Mr. Muggles is going to be okay. And then, Sylar flicks his finger--and Mr. Muggles shoots backwards out the doggie door."
  • The title of this episode was originally reported as A Second Coming, but was later changed to The Second Coming.
  • The poem read by Mohinder at the end of the episode is entitled "The Second Coming". It was written by William Butler Yeats in 1919 following World War I.
  • While looking at Claire's brain, Sylar says that human beings use only ten or twenty percent of their brains. Although a very popular myth, this is not true; human beings do indeed use all of their potential brainpower.
  • When Hiro travels to the future, he witnesses his future self and Ando arguing. The words Hiro hears are:
  Ando: Hiro. Give me back the formula.
Hiro: No. You betrayed me.
Ando: You are wrong.

However, if you lip-read their conversation, you can make out the phrases in English:

  Hiro: No. It was MY mission!
Ando: Then you have failed.

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