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Elle brings peach pie to Gabriel.

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Pie is a favorite among the characters of Heroes.



Mr. Bennet recommends the Burnt Toast Diner's cherry pie to Matt and Ted.


Sandra tells Claire that they should curl up in bed with a piece of pie, a glass of milk, and watch an old Cary Grant movie.

Five Years Gone

Claire serves Noah a piece of pie and a glass of milk at the Burnt Toast Diner. Leaving, she tells her father to enjoy the pie.


In the kitchen of the Corinthian Casino, Mr. Linderman creates a pot pie. He asks Nathan if he likes vegetables. Linderman explains why he enjoys cooking, as it's about as close to perfection as he can get. He finds the pot pie wholesome, warm, and healthy--that is, of course, if one can live without the cream sauce. However, Linderman doesn't see the point of living without the cream sauce for his pie. He puts the pie in the oven to cook. Later, when Nathan aims a gun at Linderman, Linderman tells him he can't have any of his pot pie.


Elle asks Noah how to form a relationship with Gabriel Gray. Noah simply says "pie". Elle later arrives at Gabriel Gray's apartment with a peach pie, which Gabriel says is his favorite. The two devour almost the entire pie.

Daniel Linderman tells Angela Petrelli that her lentil soup is almost as good as his pot pies.

Building 26

While traveling with Sylar, Luke Campbell says he wants to eat pie at a sleazy diner.


Angela serves her sons pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. As she reaches for the knife, Nathan stops her and asks if there's a problem. When Sylar reemerges, he wolfs down the entire pie, claiming to feel as though he had not eaten in months.

Samuel serves pie to his family. He cuts the first piece for himself, picks it up, and takes a bite before serving the rest of the carnies.

Sandra brings a pie to Noah's apartment for Thanksgiving which is accepted by Lauren.

Memorable Quotes

"Now you can't have any of my pot pie."

- Mr. Linderman (to Nathan) (Parasite)

"Hi! Do you like pie? Ugh, that rhymed, didn't it?"

- Elle (to Gabriel) (Villains)


  • The Burnt Toast Diner menu includes pies.
  • When Mr. Bennet recommends the cherry pie to Matt and Ted, he may be referencing the television show Twin Peaks, whose character "Dale Cooper" loved the "damn fine" cherry pie served at the Double R Diner.
  • Different types of pie have appeared in Heroes. These include peach, pot, and pumpkin pies.
  • Sylar's favorite pie is peach.


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