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Claire Bennet (explosion future)

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Claire Bennet
Future claire.jpg
Portrayed by Hayden Panettiere
First appearance Five Years Gone
In-story stats
Known ability Rapid cell regeneration
Alias Sandra
Nickname The Cheerleader
Home Midland, TX
Occupation Waitress at Burnt Toast Diner
Significant others formerly Brody Mitchum,
Andy (engaged)
Parents Adoptive parents:
Sandra Bennet,
Noah Bennet (deceased)
Biologicial parents:
Meredith Gordon,
Nathan Petrelli (deceased)
Grandparents Paternal grandparents:
Angela Petrelli,
Arthur Petrelli
Maternal grandparents:
Flint Gordon, Sr. (deceased)
Siblings Younger adoptive brother:
Lyle Bennet
Younger half brothers:
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli
Other relatives Uncles:
Peter Petrelli,
Flint Gordon, Jr.

Claire Bennet aka "Sandra" is an evolved human who changed her name and went into hiding during the post-explosion crackdown on evolved humans. She works at the Burnt Toast Diner and is engaged to marry Andy. She was presumed to have died in the explosion until she was discovered in 2011.

Character History

Five Years Gone

Claire Bennet, calling herself Sandra, is living in Midland, TX as a waitress. She is engaged to another worker named Andy. As she discusses marriage with Andy while Nathan Petrelli is on the news, Mr. Bennet arrives, but Andy is oblivious to Claire and Bennet's true relationship. Claire and Mr. Bennet feign a normal customer-waitress interaction as Bennet informs Claire that someone knows about her and that is no longer safe for her in Texas. Claire refuses to go, wanting to live a normal life. Mr. Bennet can do nothing more than leave a package for her in case she changes her mind.

Later, finding the prospect of leaving to be more and more enticing, Claire asks Andy if they can go off and elope. He agrees and goes off to get his things. Matt Parkman, sitting at a booth watching the whole thing, confronts Claire right afterwards and takes her.

Claire is taken to the Petrelli Mansion, where Claire reunites with her biological father Nathan Petrelli. Nathan expresses his relief over her safety, but Claire is embittered over Nathan's endangerment of all evolved humans. Claire tries to leave, but Nathan's behavior becomes completely uncharacteristic, as he begins talking about how special and powerful he is, recalling other special people he has met, including Candice Willmer. But he sees no more need for special powers, save for Claire's, and just wants to "eliminate the competition". Claire again tries to leave, but Nathan stops her telekinetically and begins slicing open her skull. Claire finally realizes the truth: the Nathan before her is not truly Nathan; rather, he is Sylar. Sylar slices open Claire's skull to acquire Claire's ability of rapid regeneration. Given that her present day self survived a similar attack from Sylar, it is unknown if this attack killed her.

Evolved Human Abilities

Claire has the power of rapid cell regeneration. She is able to heal quickly from virtually any injury.


  • Claire uses her mother's name as an alias while she works as a waitress. Her mother, Sandra, also worked as a waitress.


  • According to an auction of props from NBC, Claire's license lists her as "Sarah McBride". It also lists her address as 11 Gale Lane, Little River, MI 49506. Her date of birth is listed as 3/10/1993. However, in Five Years Gone, Claire clearly uses the alias "Sandra". The description on the auction page also refers to her as "Sandra McBride". Where the name Sarah McBride comes from is unclear.

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