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Chicago warehouse

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Chicago warehouse
Destiny3 warehouse.jpg
Location: Chicago, IL
Purpose: Storage

Santiago awakens to find he has been taken a strange and secure warehouse.

Notable Visitors


Webisode:Destiny, Part 3

Inside a secure warehouse, the serious looking woman talks with Elisa as Santiago sits asleep on a wheelchair in the middle of the room. Elisa then notices Santiago waking up and walks over to him. Santiago asks what happened to him and where he is, but doesn't give Elisa a chance to explain. Instead, he uses his ability to quickly search for a way out. Not finding any way out, Santiago returns to Elisa and asks what she wants. Elisa then drags a normal chair back to him and he sits down in it. Elisa and the serious looking woman then talk with Santiago and show him some pictures using a projector. Next, the woman shoots at Santiago and he uses his ability to dodge and turn her own gun on her. She then shows Santiago a video of his mother and he returns the gun.

Later, Santiago is bathing in a shower inside the warehouse, and Elisa materializes behind him. They talk and then embrace each other in a passionate kiss.

Webisode:Destiny, Part 4

Elisa leads Santiago to a locked exit door and embraces him in a kiss. She then uses her ability to open the door. But just then, three gunmen open fire and Santiago uses his ability to help them escape. Upon getting outside into an alleyway, Elisa explains that the warehouse is in Chicago and the organization uses it to train its agents.


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