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Portrayed by Lina Esco
First appearance Destiny, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Water mimicry
Nickname Elise
Home Lima, Peru

Elisa has the ability of water mimicry.

Character History

Webisode:Destiny, Part 1

From a park across the street, Elisa watches Santiago and turns and walks away when she notices he saw her. However, Santiago catches up to her and they exchange introductions. She claims to have been away at school, and to have returned when her father got sick. Elisa continues that her parents don't have the money to pay for rent, and that she went to church to pray for answers. After Santiago replies and heads onto the soccer field with the other players, Elisa meets with another woman who has been watching. Elisa tells the woman that Santiago is ready, and receives instructions from her. Elisa then dissolves into a puddle of water.

Webisode:Destiny, Part 2

Elisa watches the game from the sidelines, and sees Santiago score the winning goal. After the game, she leaves with Santiago and listens as he makes a cell phone call to his mother. After she tells him how proud she is of him, Santiago informs her he will be a bit late for dinner cause he will be celebrating with friends. After he disconnects with his mother, Elisa thanks Santiago for giving her the money to help her parents, and asks what he meant when he told his mother he was able to see everything. After listening to Santiago's explanation, Elisa responds that she's not sure she understands, but wants to, and embraces him in a kiss. She then materializes a syringe into her hand, and watches as he takes off running. Elisa follows Santiago to the front of another building, and decides to surprise him. After using another entrance, she flows out in front of Santiago by passing through the opening at the bottom of the front door as water. Elisa then returns to human form in front of him and holding the syringe, and watches as her partner tases Santiago from behind.

Webisode:Destiny, Part 3

Elisa tells the serious looking woman that she will follow protocol with Santiago when questioned by her. She then notices Santiago waking up and approaches him. She begins to attempt an explanation of what she's done, but then Santiago leaves and tries to escape. When Santiago returns, she drags a chair to him and has him sit back down. Then, she and the serious looking woman explain his ability to him. She listens as the woman adds that it was inherited from his father, who had worked for them. Elisa then operates a projector to show Santiago a couple targets they want him to kill, and watches as the serious looking woman convinces Santiago he has not choice but to work for them.

Later, Santiago is bathing in a shower inside the warehouse, and Elisa materializes behind him. When he asks what she is doing, she puts a finger to his lips to be quiet, and says that she's saving him. She then embraces Santiago in a passionate kiss.

Webisode:Destiny, Part 4

Elisa leads Santiago to the locked exit door of the warehouse and embraces him in a kiss. She then dematerializes into water and rematerializes on the opposite side of the door and opens it. However, three gunmen have arrived and fire automatic rifles at them per the serious looking woman's instructions. She is saved by Santiago and runs with him outside.

Upon getting outside into an alleyway, Elisa hands him a GPS device and explains that they are in Chicago, outside the warehouse where the organization trains their agents. Then, a car rushes at them and Elisa pushes Santiago out of the way. Elisa avoids self-injury by again turning into water.

Santiago and Elisa return to Lima and find Iris in church. Elisa listens as Santiago explains his predicament to his mother and she informs him of her own secrets. When Santiago then gets an instant message from an unknown party telling him to head outside, she stays with Iris as Santiago leaves to investigate.

Heroes Evolutions

According to her character profile at, Elisa's path in life has been chosen for her by a nefarious organization. While performing her assignment as regards to Santiago, she finds new hope in him and the simple life he leads--a lifestyle that she never had the chance to know. Inspired by Santiago's morality, Elisa re-evaluates the choices she has made.

Evolved Human Abilities

Elisa has the ability to turn herself into water. She has demonstrated this ability multiple times so far, melting into a puddle of water (Destiny, Part 1), as well as using her ability to travel long distances and then re-materializing in human form (Destiny, Part 2). Items such as her clothes and a syringe appear to turn into water along with her.

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